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Why Muslims pray?

Swedish translation of Koranic quotations taken from: Quranic Message, Mohammed Knut Bernström (ISBN 91-7118-899-1)

After a long and hectic day at work, some believe that it is difficult for a tired person to concentrate on his prayers to Allah (the Almighty). How difficult it is to get up to böneutropet, "Come to prayer Come to success!", When you're crouched in a warm and cozy bed. The famous doctor and scientist, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), said that during a cold and chilly night, he rested and his slave in an inn in a remote part of Khuraasaan.

During the night he was thirsty, so he called his slaves to fetch water for him. The slave had no desire to leave his warm bed, so he pretended not to hear Ibn Sina's cries. But after repeated cry, so step up and reluctantly slave to fetch water. A few moments afterwards, heard the melodious sound of azaan (böneupprop). Ibn Sina began to think of muezzin author. He said to himself: "My slave, Abdullah, has always respected and admired me.

He took every opportunity to overwhelm me with praise and affection, but tonight he preferred his own comfort than my needs. But on the other hand, look at the Persian slave of Allah: He left his warm bed to go out into the chilly night, he did tvavning stream of icy water, and then he went up high minaret of the mosque to glorify Allah, he really serves, cold andes to prayer, "There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His Messenger"

Ibn Sina said: "I learned the true nature of love, the love that results in complete obedience." Allah's love requires total and unconditional obedience. Allah (the Almighty) says: Say [Muhammad]: "If ye do love Allah, follow me and God will love you and forgive your sins. God is ever forgiving and merciful."
(Quran 3:31)

To ask, was the Prophet Muhammad's (God's peace and blessings upon him) first command from Allah after he was awarded the prophet partner. When the Archangel Gabriel came to him, pouring water from a mountain stream in front of the. Gabriel instructed the Prophet Mohammed (God's peace and blessings upon him) in how he would do tvavning and how he would perform the prayer to Allah (the Almighty).

Prophet Mohammed (God's peace and blessings upon him) was then his wife Khadeeja what he had learned. Initially asked the Prophet (God's peace and blessings upon him) two straight twice daily, one in the morning and evening. The Prophet (God's peace and blessings upon him) has not gone a day without asking since his first prayer. Just before his emigration to Medina, he was taken on a nocturnal journey to Jerusalem and then to the heavens (Mi'raaj).

During this journey, Allah ordered (the Almighty) him to pray five times daily. Prayer is a gift given to each believer that he / she must be able to experience a spiritual lift five times daily.

Prophet Mohammed (God's peace and blessings upon him) said: "Prayer is Mi'raajen for the believer."

Prayer gives every Muslim the chance to communicate with his master. During each prayer recite Muslim "Surat Al-Fatiha": This recitation is not a dull monologue by the Believer, but Allah (the Almighty) gives promise that it is a conversation between him and the worshiper.

Prophet Mohammed (God's peace and blessings upon him) said that Allah (the Almighty) says: As a worshiper says his prayers: "Lov and price to be God, Lord of the Worlds" I say, "My devotees have praised me"

When he says "the Gracious, the Merciful, the Almighty is the Day of Judgment" I say, "My devotees are glorified me" As he says: "Thee we worship, Thee we call for help" I say, "This is between me and my worshipers" As he says: "Lead us on the straight path", I say: "This is for my worshipers, and I give my devotees what they want" The Prophet (God's peace and blessings upon him) once said: "Prayer is the pillar of religion"
(Presentation by Al-Baihaqi)

He also informed us that Islam is built on five pillars, the second is to perform prayers five times daily.
(Presentation by Al-Bukhari)

This makes the picture clear: Islam is like a building supported on five pillars, removing a column and the entire building weakens. Similarly, when a person stops praying, his faith becomes weak, and even the slightest blow to it can get in the rocking. Prayer is also very important because the Prophet (God's peace and blessings upon him) said: "Certainly, what keeps a man from flergudadyrkan and doubt is his prayer" (Statement by Muslim) Answer to the disbelievers difficult position on the Last Day, Allah (the Almighty) said: "What brought you into hell-fire?" They will say: "We did not belong to those who asked"
(Quran 74:43)

Allah (the Almighty) also said: "It must go well in the faithful hands, those who pray with humble heart"
(Quran 23:2)

"And those who guard the prayer, [all] these is [health] with honors in [Paradise] gardens."
(Quran 70:35)

Allah (Almighty) has stressed the need for humility and concentration in prayer. There is no doubt that Satan is man's bitterest enemy, he is constantly trying to disrupt the prayers of believers. A Muslim (worshiper) may suddenly find his thoughts wandering to memories, problems, worries, work and family and will often find himself wondering if he / she has asked three or four straight. This is Satan's way to steal the prayer. Allah (the Almighty) said that man was created only to worship him: "I've created the invisible beings and men simply because they [know me and] worship Me."
(Quran 51:56)

Man should live in this world as a worshiper of Allah (the Almighty) and prayer is the best form of worship. In the doomsday people accountable for their actions. Allah (the Almighty) says: "and the day you shall be called to account for [what you did to] the good that was given you [in life]!"
(Quran 102:8)

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