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Death and the Grave

Salaam aleikum all my readers! Here's how I set up what would protest at the death and the grave! May we all make Allah (swa) satisfied in this Dunya (world so we get to the grave a place of rest!
Death and GRAVE! 1. It is a well known fact that everyone must taste death. Ta'al Allah says in the Holy Qur'an: "Every soul has a taste of death". (3:185) 2nd Time of his death is fixed for all. Each individual's age is determined. One can not rise from its fixed time does not diminish. Nothing can save one from death. When you are dead will find you, even if you are in towers built up high. At the time of death comes, nothing can delay it.
3rd When a person's life is over, Hazrat Izraeel (alaihis Salaam) is to retrieve the dying man's soul. 4th The person dies look to the left and right and sees angels everywhere. The angels of mercy come to a Muslim and Kaafirs, the angels of punishment will be shown. At this point, even Kaafirs believe the truth about Islam, but their faith at this time does not count.
The reason is that faith is the name of faith message Ta'al Allah and His beloved Messenger (Sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) without seeing the evidence. At this time one sees Angels and then think and it is therefore not accepted as a Muslim. 5th A Muslim's soul is taken out without problems and then taken with respect to the Angels of Mercy. 6th A Kaafir soul charged with great pain and the Angels of punishment, take it with shame.
7th After death, the soul does not go into another body and then be reborn, but it remains in the world of "Barzakh" to the date of appeal. "Barzakh" refers to the interval between death and resurrection. 8th To believe in reincarnation - the soul goes into another human body, or in an animal's body, or in trees or plants, etc. is wrong and is kufr. Where does SOUL remains after death? 1. Death is when the soul enters the body. 2nd According to the beliefs and activities of the person, another place is fixed for the soul to stay.
It stays in place until the day of resurrection. Some stay in the 'Arsh' (the sky), some remain on the "Aala Illiyyeen" (the highest point), some remained at the well of ZAM ZAM, and some remained in his grave. 3rd The souls of unbelievers are imprisoned. Some are imprisoned in the well of "Barhoot" part of "sajee" (the lowest point on earth), and certain of their place of cremation or burial. THE SOUL dead?
1. In each situation, the soul does not die, nor broken, but it remains unchanged. No matter what the situation is and what is the state, it is always connected to the body.
2nd Those who believe that the soul can die and fall apart is a "Bud Mazhab" (from a deviated sect).
3rd If your body experiences pain, the soul also feel pain. If the body is relaxed, then the mind is relaxed.
4th When someone visits the grave, the soul sees person recognizes him and listening to what they say.
5th In relation to the Muslim soul, it says in the Hadith Shareef that when a Muslim dies, the soul's path has been opened and it can go where it wants. 6th The dead also speak. Animals, etc. except for normal people and DEMON hear his voice. What happens after the funeral?
1. After the funeral, the grave tightened and presses the dead.
2nd It presses the Muslim as a mother holds a child. It presses the Kaafir (infidel) to the extent of crushing equipment them, just to the left leg up on the right side.
3rd When people leave after the funeral, the dead are footsteps.
4th At that time, two angels called Monks and nake come ripping through the earth. Their faces look very frightening and scary. Their bodies are black in color. They have green and black eyes, which are very large pops out, like DEMON eyes and they are made of fire. Their hair is very frightening and long from head to toe. Their teeth are very long as they rip through the earth. They wake up the dead, shaking and rattling them.
5th With great strength with a deep voice, they ask these three questions: a. "MAN RABBUKA" means "Who is your Lord?" b. "MAA DEENUKA" means "What is your religion?" C. "MAA kunta TAQUL FEE Sharks RAJL" means "What did you say about this person?" If the dead person is a Muslim, he will respond as follows: a. "RABBALLAH" - "My Lord is Allah." b. "DEENIL Islam" - "My religion is Islam." c. "Huwa RASOOLULLAHE SALLALHO ALAIHI WASSALLAM" - "This is Allah's Messenger, He has taken with Allah's mercy Ta'al, compliments to him."
6th Now, a voice from heaven is heard saying: "My servant has spoken the truth. Lay the tablecloth of paradise for him. Give him clothes to wear from Paradise and open the doors of Paradise (Janna) for him." The cool air and sweet scents of Janna will continue in the future and where vision can reach, the tomb will be broad and wide. The angels will say: "Sweet like a groom sleeps". All this will be for the good pious Muslims.
7th For sinful becomes the punishment due to their sins.
8th This penalty will continue for some time. Then the prayers of the saints or from "Esaale Sawaab" (good deeds done by people that the dead are forgiven) or prayers for their forgiveness, or simply from the Mercy of Allah Ta'al This sentence will end. Then the relaxation. 9th If the dead is a Kaafir, so he will not be able to answer questions and will say "haa haa Ladri" means "Shame because I know nothing". Now a caller will cry out: "He is a liar, put sheets of fire for him and give him clothes to wear and tear of fire and open the doors of Hell (Dozakh) for him, where the heat of Hell will not reach him." There will be two Angels assigned him to give him the punishment and will hit him with a large hammer. Big scorpions and snakes, also biting him. All types of punishment will continue until the day of resurrection. That do not put questions in the grave?
1. The prophets did not put questions in their graves or the graves of their sharpness.
2nd Many supporters will not be asked questions, which the Muslims who die on a Friday or during the Ramadaan.
3rd The situation for relaxation and punishment in the grave is a fact. This is a punishment or reward that is for body and soul.
4th Whether the body breaks or burns or mixes into the soil, it's original parts to go before the Day of Resurrection. It will get a reward or punishment. Same day as the appeal will be reformed into a body. These initial elements are actually located in the back and can not be seen by humans. It can not be eaten by the earth and they can not be burned. These are the seeds of the body and those from Allah Ta'al goes the rest of the body parts, which have been circulated either by turning into ashes or soil, and reform in the original body.
5th The soul then comes back into the body and found in the area of the resurrection. This day is known as "Hashr".
6th The questions will be made at the place where a person has been buried or left to rot. Punishment will also be there. For example, if a tiger has eaten one person, questions will be placed in the tiger's stomach, and punishment and reward will also happen there.
7th A person who rejects the fact of punishment and retribution in the grave is a misguided person. Whose body is unable to be eaten by land? 1. The prophets, the Awliya (Friends of Allah Ta'al), the Shuhada (Martyrs), a Hafiz of the Quran, which also acts on behalf of the Holy Qur'an, a person who has never committed a sin, and those who pray Durood Shareef is always their cells are not eaten by the earth. 2nd Those who say that the Prophet bodies "have been killed and eaten by the earth" is a misguided person from the wrong sect, or an evil and a personal insult.

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