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A True Story Of A Young New Convert

a true story of a young new convert sister Zayna to Islam , she asked that her story be published and known inshAllah taala

Dear brothers & sisters in Islam.

My journey to Islam was full of Love, Pain, Suffering, & Wisdom. I came from a life where I had everything handed down to me. Driving luxury cars, Wealth, Modeling, Attending the best schools, & living a life where everything was given to me in my hands. My entire life changed in the matter of a blink of an eye when I learned of this new Religion “ISLAM” As my family had a personal relationship with the Vatican/Pope John Benedict lll & the Roman Empire, I truly was stuck between living a So called luxury lifestyle or my Entire family were to disown me because of this new Religion that occurred to me.
So at the age of 17 and about to be an early graduate to attend a Cosmetology/School of Fashion in California, My family made me choose whether to stay with them and live my dreams of being a cosmetologist/Model/Famous fashion Designer or pursue my ambition of being a Muslim. I had in one hand A life of everything a person could dream of, Or life of Abandonment/Shamefulness/& Homelessness.
All this was solely depended on my choice to Staying Christian/Roman Catholic or Attaining my entire focus towards learning about Islam. I couldn’t believe it that my entire life changed in one night. I never could have ever imagined that instead of getting up and going to school the next day, I was headed at the age of 17 to a bus stop with all my savings and a few clothes in my backpack for the sole purpose of committing to another Religion.
My life began as a homeless kid in the Downtown Saint Paul Area where I was living in and out of my friends Cars/Apartments/Rooms whatever was available for Seven months. I really had no-one to turn to as I promised to not ruin My grandfathers close relationship with the Vatican and my Family name. I was then found by a Sister in the community who introduced me to a Somalian family who took me in as I had nowhere else to go.
I was kind of pressured into becoming a Muslim at the time because I had no-where to go and the family didn’t really feel comfortable with a non-Muslim at the time living in their home. So I was at my breaking point and never wanted to commit to a lifestyle that didn’t have any meaning to me what so ever, though it was rather a comfortable life of luxury/wealth/ you name it or truly giving up everything to be a Muslim.
So I did it and left everything behind me and decided to become a Muslim August 29th of 2004 at the Inver Grove Islamic School with Sheikh Hussein and a few friends as my witness at a yearly convention to prepare for Ramadan.
My life changed dramatically within a matter of weeks as right after I thought I could start over, I was diagnosed with a really bad case of Nephritic Lupus and a rare blood clotting deficiency called Factor Five Leiden Disorder. I was so confused at the time because I had come from a life where I was perfectly healthy, Good looks, and plenty of money to keep me satisfied.
I couldn’t decide whether to believe my Family that this was a punishment from God for abandoning the Catholic Church or My First real test from Allah/God. I took in a deep a breath and looked up into the ceiling at the doctor’s office and said to God, “If I’m living for something, let it be that It’s a Muslim for my heart no-longer belongs to Catholicism” I made my decision right then and there when I felt a huge burst of cold air that brush against my body and the agony I felt from the pain of my joints which have immensely swelled over night.
Ok Allah it’s just me and you and I submit myself entirely to your Religion and will leave everything behind me as I have nothing else to live for. I have been through ups and downs and bumpy corners throughout my journey to Islam as it has impacted my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. The loss of all my hair,
physical appearance, and ability to attain a normal life was all taken away from me in the blink of an eye.
I ended up alone in a low income apartment practically dying of pain and agony all by myself with no family or anyone to help me fight this disease. I was so alone and depressed with only the healing of listening to the Quran and praying that God had a plan for me if not in this life but the Hear after.
I was surviving off of $200.00 in cash assistance and Medicaid to pay for my medical bills for quite a long time. So I am here today and fighting with everything I got to show everyone that Islam is the only thing that makes a believer a believer of God and that this life is nothing because I’m a walking, breathing, living proof that having a luxury lifestyle is nothing if you don’t have faith in Allah and Islam.
I pray that I can accomplish fighting this disease as it could potentionally kill me any day now and come out to the public and let my story be widely renowned. I really would love to publish my novel about coming to Islam as I feel it could change the many lives of those who are truly lost and confused about their own beliefs and choice makings in life. I cannot imagine myself living or dying a non Muslim.
I just want to see the community and let my story be known as I feel it could change many lives. It’s the month of Ramadan and we all need to come together and fight for the truth to come out about our religion and show everyone the real picture of Islam.
Please forward this to all the Muslims you know and pray for a miracle!!!!! I really would love to meet the Twin City Muslim community inshallah as it gives me hope which the doctors here at Regions are not giving me. Everything comes from allah SWT and I will not forgot any of those who came to see me/thought of me/ and or prayed for me to recover.
I have no one but Allah and when and if I leave this hospital bed I want everyone to know that I gave up and fought with everything I had for Islam and wanted only people to see the real truth about Islam. Thankyou to everyone who stood by my side, Allah will indeed reward you all inshallah.

Ramadan Kareem Your sister in Islam Zayna

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