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Islam condemns terrorism

Speakers' Allâmah Salih bin Muhammad al-Luhaydân
PRAISE and price to be whatever Allah permits.
Praise and prize will Allah with whose godheter all prosperity fulfilled. Praise and prize will Allah with whose decisions and rule everything done. In a sea of contemporary events, a field of tumultuous views and ways of thinking and about what has happened in the USA, more and more and more questions were asked regarding Islam's view of similar documents. There is no doubt that Islam Sharî'ah is complete and perfect.
It covers everything. Thus there is solution to all the ambiguities. Thus clarifying sentences for all accidents. A man never happen in an accident, but that Islam Sharî'ah treat her case and explain its extinction. This includes such emerging events. Many people have asked how Islam Sharî'ah look at these documents. Islam allows Sharî'ah similar documents?
Accepted similar acts of Islamic scholars? Clarifies Islam's views on these documents correctly? Islamic scholars are obliged to talk about [these] misdeeds. They are required to show what Islam Sharî'ah think and think about [these] disasters affecting Muslims and non Muslims. Surely Allah is everything along (djalla wa 'ala) decision and rule.
Nevertheless, treating Islam Sharî'ah all events. Allah (djalla wa 'ala) is the wisest of judges and the Most Merciful of the merciful. He is fair. Allah Himself has forbidden any injustice in the same way that He has forbidden that His creatures in between.
It has been authentically reported that the Prophet (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) told us that his Lord (djalla wa' ala) had said:
"My servants! I have forbidden Myself injustice as I have forbidden it among you, was not unjust. "
(1) It belongs to the injustice to embark on a human being and killing an innocent. The Prophet (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) is mercy, tenderness and goodness prophet. He is not just sent to all mankind, but also to the jinn and humans. Before he sent off his troops in the battalion, battle and Jihad, he would always say to them:
"Kill no children, women, elderly, or worshipers of their hermit huts."
(2) So do not allow Islam to someone other than the killing, fighting and attacking Muslims killed. These atrocities did not differ between infants, women, elderly, sick and healthy people. The affects estate and their owners. These documents are among the most serious atrocities and dangerous sins. According to Islam Sharî'ah hear these documents to the spread of depravity on earth and lay waste to standing crops and fruit. This is something Islam forbids. Allah and His Messenger (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) has forbidden it. When the Prophet (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) saw a woman killed in combat, he said: "She would not be killed."
(3) That is to say that it was absolutely forbidden to kill her. Based on what I've seen of the attacks carried out in these buildings, considers Islam that these offenders are among the biggest culprits and worst merchants. Anyone who thinks that one of Islam's scholars, who knows Sharî'ahns goals and are aware of the Qur'an and the Prophet (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) intentions, acceptance of these atrocities, thinking only evil thoughts. It is not a Muslim to rejoice in his enemy's misfortune, even if he has been oppressed. Some unfairness is unacceptable.
To nurture individual hostility towards anyone who does not deserve to be punished, is an illegal and horrible acting. What are we to say if this happened? How can you say that Muslims accept the like? Whatever the explanations they justify their atrocities with, they will either be accepted or allowed by Islamic wave. Allah (djalla wa 'ala) says in the Noble Qur'an when He speaks to Muslims: "Believers! Stand firm on Allah's side as witnesses for law and justice and let not prejudice against a people convince you that deviate from the path of justice. Is right - it is closest to piety, Allah is well informed about what you do. "
The heavens and the earth was created with justice. Justice approves wave never a mass murder. Similar action can only end up in the injustice and the sins pan. There is a huge sin to kill an innocent person. What are we to say about a massacre? What are we to say about the murder of infants, children and pregnant women?
These frightening visions that are the result of this misdeed, not accepted by a rational Muslim. These documents should not be taken as a model, even if they come from an "Islamist" in an Islamic country.
The point is in the learned pronouncements. The point is what Islam says about Sharî'ah these serious atrocities. When Saudi Arabia considered the question about aircraft hijackings before a Saudi plane had been hijacked, it was decided that the country learned hijacking are prohibited regardless of whether passengers are Muslims or not. They felt that injustice is prohibited.
They believed that it is one of the biggest sins in the world to pick on innocent people and terrorize them. Thus, it is not surprising that Saudi Arabia condemns similar issues and proclaim that they are not pleased by them or their practitioners. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic kingdom, and praise and price to be Allah. Rightly guided by the Islamic regime and Sharî'ah.
The basis for its action and order are not contradictory to Islam. If it then condemn similar acts, they do so along its religion and the Islamic position. This country is the two Holy Mosque of the country. In this country the message sent down.
Source: Fatawa al-A'immah fi an-Nawâzil al-Mudlahimmah, pp. 57-64

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