tisdag 29 september 2009

Islam has nothing to do with terrorists

Speakers: Imam Muhammad bin Salih bin 'Uthaymîn Allah (Ta'al) says:
"Say: Allah is witness between me and you that this Qur'an has been revealed to me that I have with it is to warn you and anyone who reaches it."
This suggests that those who are not reached by the Qur'an, have not received the evidence set against itself. Nor has it brought to a tarnished the image of the Qur'an have the evidence laid against him. On the other hand he is not excused in the same manner as that which has not been reached by the Qur'an at all.
Anyone who has had an obscured view of the Qur'an, is obliged to investigate. On the other hand, perhaps he trusts the source that gave him this picture and therefore do not consider themselves to be in need of research.
Here is a question: Does Islam have reached the non-Muslim world in a way ickefördunklat? The answer is: Never. When some people are unwise takes hold of things into their own hands, eclipsed Islam in Westerners, as well as in ickevästerlänningars, eyes. With these people I mean those that underlie bursting attacks among people.
They say that this is a Jihad for Allah's cause. In fact, they have harmed Islam and the people had to flee from Islam even more. Muslims are hiding their faces in order not to be attributed to this false and terrible group. Islam has nothing to do with it. Islam has nothing to do with it.
After Jihad had been imposed, were the companions (radhiya Allahu 'anhum) never included among the infidels to kill them. The only exception was when they went into the Jihad leader during a single banner that besides, was capable of Jihad. But what concerns this terrorism, I swear by Allah that the only harm Muslims. I swear by Allah.
We never found any positive results from this. On the contrary. Religion's reputation deteriorates. If we stick to the wisdom and fear Allah, and corrects only for ourselves before everyone else, the results will be promising.
Source: Cassette tape "Sharh Usul-it-Tafsir"

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