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About Mj..

Here is a post that a sister has made to me concerning a diskution about Michael Jackson included on facebook. Put this out because the answer is so long!
Posted: First of all, I'll start by saying Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim and Asalamu alejkum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.
I have read many of your messages to sister Meddie about MJ and his Islam. It is so that both my sister and Meddie have stopped arguing about whether Michael Jackson was a Muslim or not, we have left it to Allah swt. It is only Allah who knows whether Michael accepted Islam or not before he died and we should leave it to Allah swt.
There are many of your arguments I do not agree with, and I must point out that many of your messages get through as negative and judgmental. Like the suras as sister Meddie put up so you probably understand that Allah is forgiving and accept repentance. You should know that no matter how your life has looked in the past, for if Allah swt forgive, and guide when he does it. As you can see the suras as taking Allah swt accept repentance.
Here are some suras that tell a great remorse: God has in His grace must have concluded the Prophet and those who abandoned the evil empire and those who gave shelter and help migrants - those who followed him in the dark hours, when some among the faithful were almost deserted. Yes, He enclosed them [all] in His grace, He, the Merciful, ömmade for them.
[Hypocrites] swear by God that they have not said anything [bad], but what they have said is a denial of the truth and they have denied it after having declared their submission to the will of God. They had committed any of the mind that they could not implement. With his revenge plans they showed [their ingratitude] for God's gifts and His Envoy goodness [which had improved their position and benefited them in many ways]. If they repent, this is the best for them, but if they turn their back on God will punish them with a painful punishment in this and in the next life. And they shall not [find] protector or helper on earth
That you claim that persons MJ destroys society, I can not agree with. You say that like that people must be exposed, what exactly has MJ done as result of this he ought to have been exposed? Has he killed anyone? Miss Latvia someone with evil? Encouraged people to kill? Torturing people? You categorizes MJ in the same category as Saddam is förskämligt when MJ was all that Saddam was not.
It is clear that you do not seem to know something positive about MJ or is it that you refuse to accept that he was a good man with a good heart who always saw the best in people. Saddam was a Muslim and also as a Muslim, he took over Islam's rules and killed a lot of people. Michael Jackson was a man who, with his gift from God did many good things on this earth.
He is in the Guinness Book of
Records for having donated most to charity, he always took the time to visit hospitals and orphanages during their free time to make sure that he gave something back to the e needy. He released a cancer boy to his home in Neverland, and helped the boy to recover.
This is a boy whose doctor told his parents to start preparing for his funeral, it was no longer any hope left for the boy. But Michael saw hope and let the boy and his family to Neverland with open arms. Michael paid for the boy's care and Subhanallah boy became so well from the cancer.
Michael thought the idea was to treat people with love, of course, it is Allah who cures people, but it is love that also contributes to it. But we know that there exist evil people in the world, it took these people as Michael welcomed to his home his kindness and used it. Court accused him of everything, to be pedophiles, for having forced the children of alcohol, to have done the most terrible things about the children in Neverland.
60 police officers stormed his house and destroyed the entire interior of the house, they forced m to Michael to let them shoot his privatdel to use it as evidence against him. The police abused and humiliated him. His innocence has been proven in court and he was acquitted on all counts. Michael has in his whole life had been convicted and exhausted, yet as he always saw the best in people.
If I were to write down all the things that people have made against him and all the good things he has done for people I would most probably not be finished with my speech today, but the reality is that this man could never live a normal life. He had no childhood, his childhood was taken away from him, and already at age 5, he was learning to be an adult.
One thing that really makes me angry is that you say it is worse if MJ was a Muslim, that he knowingly entered the Islamic rules. So what are you suddenly and I perfect Muslims? Do not we Harram and mistakes during our lifetime? Are all Muslims who dance and sing to the music at weddings too exposed? Are all Muslim artists in particular Arab countries also exposed? For we shall expose MJ for his music, we can also expose them too right?
As a Muslim, you know enough that if one accepts Islam, Allah swt will forgive it for all his previous sins. Now, if MJ was a Muslim so I just Alhamdullila, this was a man who throughout his life searching for God, never forgot to give all glory to God for his talent and when something was dedicated to him. He was not the music at any time, he was a great humanitarian, he sang of peace, nonviolence, about global warming, long before the ex Vice President Al Gore began to draw attention to people about how we destroy our earth.
If God and the children. Michael actually began to cry in an interview where he said that families are no longer as they were before, that parents no longer sit in the same table with their kids and eating and talking and trying to understand their children. He realized that the source of children becoming criminals comes to them as children not experienced any love. He also said that he would jump out from the window of every child in the world died. There was a man who loved children more than you and me because he knew them.
He knew how it felt not to have a childhood, his Neverland built for the children (especially sick children) because they would be able to experience everything that he had never experienced. T. if. In his will he did not forget and take with the charity. He donated 20% of everything he owns to charity.
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said that when a man dies continues for three things: 1 - 1. An ongoing charity (Michael has many)
2 - 2. Beneficial knowledge / learning (Michael had good message in their songs, speeches, etc.)
and 3 - 3.
A good child who prays for him (Micaela children and people all over the world praying for him.
And yes, of course MJ would make a new concert, but what do you know about what he felt for it? Maybe he was forced to do concerts or saw it as the only solution to get rid of its large debt. Why judge so fast? We ourselves are far from perfect. Let us assume again that MJ became a Muslim, Allah is forgiving and merciful, rescued him from the concert in London.
Allah took back Michael before he could make Harram. Subhanallah Allah swt did not let MJ go through it. And remember that every sura of the Koran begins with Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim "In God, the spiritual kingdom, the Merciful name". And the hadith that you quoted I do not know, they 2 large authentic hadith which we Muslims are after is: Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim . The hadith you quoted is unknown to me until I see clear evidence that the hadith you quoted is authentic, I can not classify it as that. I have tried to find the hadith, but it seems to be somewhere.
I hope not hadith comes from Ibn Al-Rawandi for he was a heretic. And he was a man who left Islam and was very critical of religion. He converted to the Persian religion Manichaean. I hope not because I've written something that has offended you in any way, I have it so I apologize. I ask Allah for forgiveness for anything I have written is incorrect or wrong. Alejkum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhi.
Barak Allah Feike my precious sister for your lovely messages. I would also add some suras here if Allah (swa) forgiving: I found this today and came ditrekt think of Michael.
When the angels gather [the souls of] those who are still in the moment of death committing injustice against themselves, the question: "How was your location?" And when they respond: "On Earth, we were weak and oppressed", the [angels] say: 'Was not God's earth when enough so that you could abandon the evil empire? " Hell shall be their [people's] last domicile - a truly miserable end!
To them should not count the weak and oppressed - men, women and children - who could not break up and who were uncertain about the road; mash allah .. Although these suras talk of repentance and Alaha swa Mercy:
IF any of your women commit a grossly indecent act, to call when four of those of you who have witnessed the act, and if they testify [that they have seen it], then close her in her home until death relieves her or God shows her path.
If two committed such an act, punish them both. But leave them in peace, if they repent of their deeds and improve their performance. God takes in His mercy to the repentant remorse.
But the road back to God through repentance is open only to those of foolishness commit a bad deed and then regret [it], before their time is up. God turns to them and enclose them again in His mercy, God is all-knowing, wise.
Repentance road is not open to those who [ever] commit bad acts, and only when death reaches him, saying: "Now I feel remorse, nor for those who die as deniers of the truth, for them, we have a painful punishment in store
GOD does not forgive those who put helper with Him, but He forgives whomever He would like his lesser sins, he who associates at God's side have certainly been guilty of a tremendous sin.
We have revealed the Scripture with the truth to you [Muhammad], that you shall judge among the people with the [support of] God's revelation. But do not defend those who betray [any confidences they receive],
but ask God to forgive [them]. God is ever forgiving, merciful.
Anyone who commits a bad act or [otherwise] sins against himself and then ask God to forgive him, shall find that God is forgiving, merciful.
Here we can see that even those who commit major sins, Allah swa forgive them repent, and that Allah swa ALWAYS takes to repentance! Even in those major sins you mention here with MJ as adultery murder, etc., so Allah will forgive it if you repent!

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Feras sa...

Slösar ni bort er tid på att försvara Jackson? Inte konstigt att Palestina fortfarande är ockuperat när vi muslimer spenderar tid på att försvara moonwalkers.

Varför skriver ni inte om om de förtryckta palestiniern, speciellt nu i samband med internationella al-Quds dagen?

Meddie sa...

Salam aleikum.

För det första sllösar jag inte min tid. Utan framställer bara det Allah swa säger i Koranen.

Jag blir förvånad över att du går direkt på Michaels artisteri i ditt uttryck "moonwalkers". Vi måste se förbi hans artisteri och se Michael som den människa han var, och inte för hans artisteri.

För jag tror att han själv hellre hade velat att vi skulle minnas honom för allt det goda han gjorde i detta liv och inte hans artisteri som han lämnade i början av 2000 talet någon gång. Har inte hört Michael göra musik eller konserer efter 2005.

Och så blir jag även förvånad över att du säger till mig eller försöker rätta mig om vad jag ska blogga om Palestinen.

Alhamdulillah så vet jag att många muslimer gör detta, och jag kämpar för all rättvisa och alla förtryckta människor.

Men där i mot ser jag inte att någon kämpar för Michael, som även kan ha varit en bror i Islam, tvärtom! Människor smustkastar honom än efter hans död!

Må Allah förlåa oss alla som gör fel. Ameen!

Vem var inte förtryck i denna dunya om inte Michael I FRÅN hela världen dessutom som baktalade och spred ryckten. Som dödade hans livslust och psyke?

Att jag tar fram suror i Koranen om vad Allah swa säger om Hans swa Barmhärtighet och förlåtelse BARA man ångrar sig till Honom, kan jag ta fram hur mycket som helst i från Koranen. Och även hadither inshallah..

Och JA det jag tror om Michael att Allah swa räddade honom från hans konserer och står jag för. Allah vet bättre!

Vi ska inte döma honom och inte heller baktala om honom utan inshallah se det goda som han hade i sig.


Meddie sa...

Feras say:
You are wasting away your time on defending Jackson? No wonder that Palestine is still occupied when we spend time on Muslims to defend the moon walkers.

Why do you not like about the oppressed Palestinian, especially now in the international Al-Quds day?

Meddie sa...

I say:

Salam aleikum.

Firstly, I am not wasting my time. But produces only what Allah swa says in the Qur'an.

I am surprised that you go directly to Michael's artistry in your expression "moon walkers". We need to look past his artistry and see Michael as the man he was, and not for his artistry.

Because I think he would have liked that we would remember him for all the good he did in this life and not his artistry as he did in the early 2000's sometime. Have not heard Michael do music or concerts after 2005.

And so I am also surprised that you say to me or try to correct me on what to blog about Palestine.

Alhamdulillah, I know that many Muslims do this, and I am fighting for all justice and all oppressed people.

But where in the I do not see anyone fighting for Michael, who may also have been a brother in Islam, on the contrary! People smustkastar him even after his death!

May Allah förlåa all of us who do wrong. Ameen!

Who was no repression in this Dunya unless Michael I from around the world also as maligned and spread snatch. Who killed his zest for life and psyche?

I take the suras in the Qur'an about Allah swa swa says about His Mercy and forgiveness ONLY you repent to Him, I can take up how much any time in the Quran. And even hadith Inshallah ..

And YES it is I think about Michael that Allah swa saved him from his concerts and I stand for. Allah knows better!

We should not judge him and do not slander him, but Inshallah see the good that he had in himself.


Anonym sa...

salaamu alejkum

it's so typical to use the "Why not write about Palestine" argument. As soon as you talk about other things than the war against muslims you are attacked for not caring about them...please brother Feras justice should always be defended no matter what, Michael's life was a test for us..why are you are you calling him a moonwalker?...it's obvious that you don't like him..if you feel we are writing about non important things and waisting our time then why are you still here reading about what we "waste our time with" ...and to remind you sister Meddie's blog does contain very important things..such as the message of the Qur'an and about Islam in general..


Meddie sa...

Anonym: Thank U! God Bless! <3