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Marlon Jackson visits Nigeria

Michael Jackson's older brother Marlon was in Lagos, Nigeria, on Wednesday, July 22 and had an interactive session with journalists at the press centre of the International Airport. He was received by former Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) presidents, Tee Mac Omatshola and Bolaji Rosiji.
The event began with a short musical performance by Debina Abraham, a Michael Jackson impersonator and up-and-coming artiste who performed a song he had specially composed for the late pop icon.

Jackson, who was visibly still mourning, dressed in a yellow track suit and black shades, briefly expressed gratitude for the kind words and condolences shown his family. While speaking on the Badagry Historical Project, which he was working on, he revealed that his late brother had a special interest in it.
"Michael was interested in the Badagry project because he had never been to Nigeria and looked forward to the completion of the project because he wanted to come and see things for himself".

He also added that it was imperative that the historical artefacts such as those in Badagry be preserved, so that the generation yet unborn will get an opportunity to appreciate the sufferings of our forefathers who were part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

The Niger-Delta issue also came to the fore at the event and Jackson said he looked forward to a peaceful resolution of the crisis and was willing to meet with the Nigerian government and representatives of the Niger Delta militants, in order to reach an amicable understanding between both parties.

Tee Mac also intimated journalists of plans to stage a major charity concert which will be held on Michael Jackson's birthday, August 29.

"It is going to be one of a kind African affair; a gathering of major African and Nigerian artists. It is basically to celebrate the life and achievements of one of the world's greatest entertainers. Proceeds form the event will be channelled to major charities around the world as advised by Marlon."

Tee Mac also added that the celebration will be an annual event.
When asked if his late brother had converted to Islam before his death during the Q&A session, Marlon said he wasn't aware of that as all he knew was that his brother was a Christian until he died. He also hinted that the Jackson 5 had considered touring together once more before Michael's untimely death. He said that what was primary to the Jackson family was to provide a secure future for his late brother's children.

On circumstances surrounding Michael's death, he said the family was not going to comment on that since the case was still being investigated.
The lingering PMAN crisis seems to be far from over as not only was the body absent at the event but all attempts by this reporter to get either Bolaji Rosiji or Tee Mac's comment on why the body was not present at the gathering proved abortive.

Rosiji however said, "these are the kind of things PMAN should be doing but they are not here. When I was the PMAN president I used to organized a legends night, where we celebrated some of our late music icons like sunny okosuns and Oliver de Coque."

Marlon left after about 20 minutes saying he had another appointment to catch up with. However Tee Mac hinted that Marlon will brief the press one more time before he leaves Nigeria.

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wello sa...

Alsalam Alekum
I'm sorry Meddie but now Im really confused . Is Marlon deied that michael jakson was muslim or he don't know about it?

Meddie sa...

Aleikum Salaam.

I do not know how much you've followed my blogging about Michael.Jag started an entire blog about him and in my search for "Michael was a Muslim or not. I shut down the blog and decided that the truth may come to me and that I will not delve into it.

I got up a lot of things that indicate that Michael was a Muslim, Inshallah. We see just now tll his family.

Only after Michael's death, it was Joe Jackson with Larry King show and they asked him if Michael was a Muslim. He replied: I do not know. Here you can see the clip, Inshallah.

Then it was Jermanie Jackson mash allah who is a brother in Islam, and Michael's blood brother of Larry King. When Jermanie was asked as "he is not yes or no, but just: Did Michel books about Islam and read. Then there was the rest of the answer sheared away. And not only that it was not Larry King Live, which it always tends to be.
And you can also see that Jermani says his brother is in Jennah (Paradise) and he knows it, because Michael did many good deeds. And a Muslim can only say so if another Muslim.
Here you can see it inshallah:
at 2:20 minutes in the clip he says about Islam and Mj and 6 minutes, he says that he knows that Michael is in Jennah

And at his funeral shut his cameras. Which could mean that he was given a Muslim burial. And now to this article, which says that Marlon does not know whether Michael was a Muslim or not.

From the article by Marlon: When he was asked if his brother had converted to Islam during a question and answer session as Marlon said that he was not aware of it, that all he knew was that his brother was a Christian until he died.

so it means that Marlon did not know.

Marlon did not know if Michel found Islam or not, he says, and he believes that Michael was a Christian, but am not sure. Subanallah!

So what we see in this? Probably do not know the family of Michel's faith or you do not want them to come out with it. Inshallah truth arrives. I have blogs now about Malcolm X that I see great similarities with Michael. Will come with it in a post later here in the blog Inshallah.

Since I have I read a statement from Michel's friend Pastor Andrae Crouch, which stood near Michael did a interjuv in a Christian magazine that I take as a true post because it is a Christian magazine, so I do not think they are lying or add things.

This pastor said that he hoped that Michael became a Christian and received Jesus as their savior, but it is only God who knows if Michael did it. He said that Michael was a Muslim by his brother Jermani, but that he hoped that Michael became a Christian. Thus, only confess that Michael became a Muslim, Alhamdulillah.

You can also read about Michael Jemanis posts where he talks about his brother as a muslim:

Now I am just waiting for strong evidence. Inshallah it will of Allah swa want it. But right now I see him as a brother in Islam, in my heart, until I get it refuted. For what I have presented evidence that he was there. And the family conceals it.

Peace be with you!

Meddie sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Meddie sa...

Since I forgot to write about Michael's memorial, which indicated that it was Islamic, although they did so "Christian" outwards seen that I think they did for his fans. The coffin was closed, no cross. The brothers carried the coffin when it was worn out. And when the priest made a speech that drove them out of the coffin from there ..

Meddie sa...

Wello: Why did u´r blogg dont opn?

wello sa...

Alsalam Alekum Meddie
I just read your comment now so i'm really sorry because i couldn't replay immediately
first Eid mubarak to you and all your family and all muslims
and you mean
""right it's open with me maybe you shoud try again its good site ,really.
now i'll tell u amazing news we have christian neighbors it's a family ,they traveled to Germany for 8 years now they come back and the surprise they converted to Islam all the family
wow. i'm very very hapy for them
i have many christian friends but i never met someone close to me and converted to Islam .
and before i forget i wanna thank you for your respond ,you are realy kind person i know i bothered you by my question about michael jakson but all i wanna do is pray for him ,
may alla reward you .

wello sa...

I checked the blogg again
you can try this
and if you interest in read something
i suggest to start with "parabhes of quran" part 2 or 1 it's like you have ever listen before and it will help you to understand quran specially part 2 about prophet moses that include tripled quran

Meddie sa...

Aleikum Salaam ..

I am so curious about who you are? Inshallah you want to introduce you to me .. Yes Michael, I have leave in Allah's hands, but when someone asks me, I have to give the fact I have and what I think. And it suggests that he became a Muslim, Alhamdulillah!

Allahu Akbar! Mash Allah, what happy news of the Christian family. Healthy them as well and congratulations to Islam, Inshallah!

Eid Mubarak to you too.

I was wondering if your blog private. It says that you are bloggers with this on blogger? But your own blog, I can not enter ..

How did you find me and my blog, I wonder with? My Curiosity .. hehe ..

Peace be with you!

wello sa...

Alsalam Alykum Meddie
I'm so embarrasing to say that again
Im sorry.I swear Ihad aproblem in my computer all this time that's why I didn't see your comment till now I'm not intend that I'm sorry
and if you still want know me
my name is walaa ;i'm 23,from Egypt, accountant,and Im not good in English
but I think u find out it by yourself.
and about how I know you i think that's modesty from you
It's start when i heard about michael jakson death and that's was a shock to me not the his death itself but you know what will happen with him if he wasn't muslim so i was searching on net and i didn't liek what i found actualy every body was takiing about the king of bop the icon and what make me so sad that they take his conversion as finy thing even muslims did this and ...yes i found your blog about him ,and when i read "this is for you my brother" i mean u call him brother and whithout i read enything else i know that you are talking about what i was searching for and i trusted in u ,Do you know that u are persuasive person? really .you are writting strongly and that is good espacially when u write some thing about Islam .
and about my blog meddie it's not private at all but i'll wait for my brother cuz i don't understand what u mean exactly but i will solve this problem soon inshalla
And If You Want To Visit Egypt Some Day You Are Sooooo welcome

Meddie sa...

Aleikum salaam.

Mash Allah my sister .. So you think you found my blog via mj googel Alhamdulillah ..

Yes my sister maybe me and my husband will also move to Egypt, we have a longing in the heart, Inshallah.

And if you come to Sweden, you are warmly Welcome from me too! What pleased me is that you like what I write!

Alhamdulillah. Inshallah more to take it ..

It's okay, I understand how it is with computers, Inshallah it will be all right with it for you!

Love Meddie.

Sanitarium sa...

Unfortunately there is no evidence that Michael Jackson converted to Islam. The original source of this claim is a tabloid article written in the UK tabloid "the Sun" and it spiralled from there. I have debunked all the evidence here: