tisdag 29 september 2009

Abute that video on You Tube.

This is written by the person who uploaded the video here below .. Very interesting. Should make a post tomorrow Inshallah on a group of Jews who call themselves Zionist who are the terrorists.

Youtube, I hope you can see past your biased assumption and prejudice and recognize that this is Michael Jacksons own view, you have no right to censor it.
Just as our dear messiah, Adolf Hitler said: Creative men and women of all nations, recognize your common foe!

Michael Jackson, one of the worlds most popular and known entertainers throughout the worlds history have recognized this international issue that the christian nations have faced since ancient time. Michael Jackson was obssessed about our dear Hitler, he had tons of nazi related books and movies, and spent alot of time reading about Adolf, he also collected Nazi medals, jewelry and paraphernalia

Michael Jackson was murdered. Those of you who remember, I posted a video with a description, just after his death, explain who had killed him and why. The outcome was that my account got suspended for three weeks.

It is clear to us that Michael Jackson sudden death was no accident, and Michael himself knew perfectly well that he would be killed, and by who. Even his sister, La Toya, sees the truth.Michael Jackson lived his whole life surrounded by zionist-jews. They would set him up in compromising positions, knowing his penchant for pre-pubescent boys and girls, have a series of families of "victims" sue him, then portray him in the controlled media as a serial pedophile thus denying him any credible defense.
Of course, the zionist, even with all the negative publicity, could find families willing to keep sending the children over, force him to settle the lawsuits, and then lend him the money to pay them off, at interest, all on the security of his once considerable earning power.

This process of stealing his money went on for years, until there was nothing left to steal. They then came up with the idea of having the frail Jackson pay off the 500 million dollars he owed them all at once with a huge concert tour, one that neither they nor Jackson thought he could physically survive. If he didn't do it, they would seize the 350 million dollars in assets that he still controlled and ruin him. Essentially, they decided to go for the age-old Talmud solution, the pound of flesh. Jackson would pay them off with his life.

Due to his many health problems, it became impossible to insure Jackson for the tour, particularly when the financers got greedy and vastly extended the tour, so the promoters had to "self-insure", meaning they would take all the risk if Jackson, in fact, couldn't finish the tour. As the promoters knew he wouldn't be able to survive the tour, this was unacceptable, and Jackson became more valuable dead than alive.
Alive, he would just create more debt to be shared amongst many creditors, with no more assets to pay them off. Dead before the tour, the banksters could divvy up his tangible assets and use his preexisting life insurance policy to cover the rest.I think we can assume that Jackson's increasing connections to the Muslim Middle East, and his conversion to Islam - after being forced to pick a surrogate Jewish mother for his children - was partly an attempt to escape the shysters. They settled for complete control of his estate after his death through his Jewish children.

The greed of the zionist extended the tour to the point where it was uninsurable. Either the stress of the impossible tour killed him, or they arranged for him to be given a "hot shot" - a mix of his drug of choice with a heart-attack inducing, and completely undetectable, potassium chloride - to finish him off. (note how the mainstream press is suddenly filled with stories of his drug addictions, very typical)

On behalf of the national socalism movement, R.I.P, and thanks for the contribution.

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