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That is why Jackson converted to Islam

This article put me up to mash allah its so good message and so deep message. NOT that Michael is in it.
That is why Jackson converted to Islam
Published: 2009-07-01, Updated: 2009-07-07
The world is shocked. Icon icon, died incredible!
Was Michael Jackson Muslim? For several years there has rumored the great icon's alleged convention call to Islam. His brother Jermaine is certainly to have been Muslim, but the question remains whether even Michael Jackson made it. There may be a natural connection, and how large can the probability be?
How can we understand Michael Jackson as Afro-American, if he chose Islam for their religion? When I thought about this it struck me that I needed to understand the historical context in which Michael Jackson and all African Americans share. Slavery - this historical yoke worn by all African-Americans - is the first thing that comes to mind on.
These millions of people who were captured on the African continent and greedily sold in markets in the new continent of America, "land of opportunity."
The slaves would then build the American nation and help make it the richest nation in the world. Free labor for the white man on the plantation. No opportunity for the black man.
A human tragedy of the richest continent in the world, Africa. Besides the financial aspect, the slavery led to psychosocial consequences for the slaves when the system they suffered made them rootless.
When I look at Michael Jackson and sees his radical metamorphosis from being a beautiful young African-American man to an androgynous artificial white creature reveals that his rootlessness as a person.
Ident solve
He may not have had other than the self-hatred that so many slaves had to bear in order to be owned by people were taken away from their roots, religion and their self-image was obliterated by given a name like "John Smith" was the real name Abokor Djallo . How many may have been the Muslims of the slaves who came?
The Afro-American leader (and later Muslims) Malcolm X used to say that around 10 per cent having been Muslims, and they must have come from Muslim communities in the Senegambia, Nigeria, Mali, Africa West Coast.
Kunta Kinte, ancestor of Alex Haley author of the work "Roots" was a Muslim and came from the Gambia. It is documented that some slaves who came to America carried with them the fragments of the Koran and could recite them by heart. But it was only a few who kept their religion as they chose after strong pressure to switch to Christianity.
Many doubt with the hope of a better life and escape the hardship of slavery. The European slave masters were different in their handling of the slaves. In Cuba, for example, the old African religions that Yuruba and Santreria (one mixreligion like voodoo) persisted and is a natural feature of the Cuban people. It is found not in the U.S., where the slaves' religious identity was wiped out in a much more efficient manner.
Malcolm X often spoke of "the house negro", the slave who was living with his master in his yard. When the slave master said he was sick svarae the house negro, "Are we sick gentleman?".
Overall identity erasure. From this identity coma would the Afro-American slaves in this post-get up and look back to the motherland. Liberia as a state, for example, the result of former American slaves who returned to Africa.
In his search for identity, some Christian churches preach a message stating that Jesus and God were black - a reaction to the production of traditional Christianity, Jesus and God as white men.
In conjunction with the African-American, began to demand their right to leaders like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to make an imprint in the African-American consciousness and engage in a movement that is largely a question of just bringing the former slave from his confused mind, and here came the religion to play a major role.
King and Baptist minister who preached turning the other cheek. Malcolm X, a spokesperson for the deviant Islamic movement the Nation of Islam, came up with a more aggressive message to a certain extent based on Islam but the majority's Elijah Muhammad (IRR) teachings. Stokley Carmichael, Black Power Movement and the Black Panther Party was a direct result of the message that Malcolm X was preaching.
Take life and destiny into their own hands Black is beautiful. The American Negro was thus a positive self-image. To change one's religion is largely a search for identity. In his search for himself and the willingness to change their appearance has Michael Jackson tried to a different religion than Christianity.
Why not? That was how it started for me as a 15-year-old Cuban, half in Canada who were seeking their roots and identity. With a grandfather from Barbados whose surname, Gillman almost certainly came from a slave owner and ancestors from Africa seemed to Christianity as an unnatural choice. It was nevertheless forced. What choice does it then (if you do not want to start with shamanism).
Yes, Islam. Would Michael Jackson made a similar choice based on the story he wears seems highly likely, and he would have done it, he is another in a series of prominent African-American identity viewfinder as Mike Tyson, Dave Chappel and Mohammed Ali. All these have one thing in common: they are taken to America by force and pulled away from their ethnic roots and identity, which has begun the search.
That Islam is growing rapidly as a religion among African Americans may not have had a chance. The story speaks for itself. It seems not entirely unlikely as his brother Jermaine Jackson converted in 1989 and the Michael Jackson show as sources have ruled the confession of faith for a number of witnesses.
Now he is dead and no longer with us and it has felt like that a friend passed away. As his faith now may have been at the moment of death may his creator know best.

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