fredag 25 september 2009

When I put on my veil

In the name of God the Merciful.
As all of you readers know, the convention did I, Alhamdulillah (thanks belongs to God) in 2006. I started to practice Islam, piece by piece. I started to do trobekänelsen. After performing the prayer, eating only Halal food, etc..
The last thing was to take on the veil. When I did the convention so I told my husband that I wanted to wear as a Muslimah wear. But unfortunately here where I live, there are no clothes to buy. You have to travel to Gothenburg to shop clothes, which according to Islam.
We went to Gothenburg to meet some friends of my husband who also has them subdued by Allah (swa) Allah Ekber! We went there and I began to pray with the women and it was the first time I had to wear a proper hidjab (veil). For before I had just had a piece of fabric that I had when I asked.
Our friends who we were with also said to us that we could get married there with an imam, because it is great Haram to live in unmarried. So we got married there as well Alhamdulillah. When I prayed with my sister so I had to have a hidjab of her. After we prayed I did not take it off.
She noticed that as well. Mash Allah. It was like the veil was stuck in my head. She told me that I could get this, but that she had wanted to buy me a new one. I told her that it means nothing if it is used, I am grateful for what I may, Alhamdulillah.
Inshallah Allah will reward her and her family in Paradise.
Then she gave me one to which she said I could use when I go out. We went home. And in the car, I got Nour (Light) bonded to me. I'll explain to you how I felt, Inshallah. For this sentiment, I have only had this once in my life. Perhaps you who have children know that the happiest man can experience is when the child reaches one.
That feeling is the best you can experience here in this Dunya (world). Happy equality and gratitude to Allah (swa) when He will reward us with a child. This feeling I had in the car when I drove home in Gothenburg was better than live to see the baby arrival.
There I felt the car was a huge success and bonded me it was like the sun had entered into my soul! Allah Ekber! Do certain me Allah (SWA) that I did something for him and that he was pleased. He gave me the biggest sign that I approached Him, the Almighty! My husband told me that now all believe that I should wear the veil, as I drove home with it on.
I thought: Yes, it is mandatory for me to wear it, so why should I put myself on Allah (swa) words? No Astagvurlillah! I will follow the Hna says to me and throw me, Inshallah all His will! It is so in Islam if we submit to Allah (swa), I can not just follow a certain part of Islam, and some leave.
NO! I have to do all my Almighty. I went home as a proud Muslim. And now I had tcknet on me even to the outside world so that I kunnde show what I stand for. We went right after our return to visit my mother in law.
They were all happy and even a little choke. Many astagvurlillah thought that I would take it off after a while. We were there a couple of days and then went home again. After about 1-2 weeks after I had taken the veil on me so he, Shaytan (Satan) and began to whisper to me.
But Medina, how do you go out into the veil? Imagine what everyone is thinking about you. Imagine what your friends will say. You can not go out like that ..
Astagvurlillah I was ashamed of myself as a Muslim and over my veil! I stopped going out. I just sat at home. And once we went out I waited there in the car! Subanallah, so I can not continue, I thought. I told my husband how I felt and that I was ashamed to go out.
My husband (May Allah reward him with paradise), told me that this is Shaytan (Satan) who does. And I have to go against his whispers! I listened to my husband, and did as he said. I forced myself to go out in society, in my veil, and even the rest of me dressed as a Muslimah.
I went out several times. And after a while so Shaytan left me alone. Today, I would never go out without my veil, or in shorts! It feels like without my clothes as a Muslimah, I go out undressed, astagvurlillah! To my sisters in Islam, you have to go in against Shaytan and do Allah (swa) satisfied.
This is a test for us all. Inshallah Allah protect us all from Shaytan, and that we will not be that the women who follow his path!
May Allah be with you!

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