onsdag 9 september 2009

Spiritual war in the middle nefs (Ego)..

Salaam aleikum all my precious readers ..
Yes, as I said, I have gone through in myself a great spiritual war, a war within myself to go against my nefs (ego). It has been very difficult and tiring on my soul and ahr taken on my strength overall.
But Alhamdulillah, I have to Allah (swa) help me to rest, and He has healed me quickly. The strength is on the way back! This time I did this was one of the greatest trials I have had as a Muslim, and the most bothersome to do jihad against nefset (ego), to go in against their will.
But I did it Alhamdulillah! It felt like Shaytan came to me in one arm and Allah (swa) in the second, and in the middle, I stood my nefs, and could choose where I would follow, SubanAllah. But Alhamdulillah that Allah swa loves me and REALLY did not give up on me, but time and again said the same thing to me and sent the same message to me by several people that are not even aware of each other! I thank Allah swa every day for it!
Now, new tag and soul heal quickly with the help of Allah swa! Without Him I Do NOTHING! I wrote this experience here because I wanted to share with me on to you all my sisters and reader so that you understand how Shaytan can do and what t even Nefs (ego) means.
For the Muslim lower casts, we will of Allah swa and attendees in to what we know, as I have done here subanallah. Believe me it was not easy. But we must go into himself to his inner and look at it and make war in against it for the sake of Allah swa.
Even if it hurts! For it did for me, and Allah knows how tough dt This was for me.
SubanAllah! Largest that has ever happened to me in a spiritual war. Inshallah someone will benefit from what I write.
Peace be with you all. And May Allah swa make us all Muslims strong and better subject to Him (swa)!

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