måndag 28 september 2009

Or do you eat out of ours brother's dead flesh?

I am so surprised at some things .. I must write to me a bit. This is about me and my grief for Michael, who alhmdulillah now gone that way but I will always be upset and saddened by other people against convicting him when it is not at all see who Michael was as a person but only his artistry and believe in everything the press writes about him ..

When I tell someone that I took Michael's death as hard as people think immediately that I mourn his music and artistry, and some sisters say: But it's not good to you mourned the .. without t even think about or wonder why I mourned him ..

Then I say always: I do not mourn him as an artist but for his suffering in this Dunya to the people and the media destroyed him with all these accusations and lies. Their SLANDEROUS and gossip ..

But people do not understand this .. I know a close friend of mine she think really hard on the media have written about him in their lies to make money .. Do you not see how they wrote badly about him when he was alive and when he died, would elevate him to make money? Do you not see what the media do?

Michael had a white heart and wished well .. And he was so good and kind as this utilized many unfortunately even in his own family .. I just hope that Allah's mercy reached him before he died that I think it did. Many Muslims say that his niet in his heart was haram when he died of his concerts ..

But here, I believe many are wrong .. I think he had remorse in his heart and did not want to do this and that Allah swa saw it and therefore took him home before he did these concerts, and rescued from Michael in it, Alhmdulillah.

But what is surprising is that people and some Muslims would rather see the bad in a man than good. But poor those who are looking for other errors.

It also warns us of Allah in the Qur'an:
[104:1] ILL WILL go on trying to find fault with the [second] and slander them!
So please stop trying to find fault with this poor man and let him rest in peace now that he is in the hands of Allah swa. And no one but Allah swa can know his niet so stop talking about it!
Try to see the good more than bad! In this one, which also can be a brother in Islam. Do you not see that his life was a test for him and us Muslims? What do we have the right to judge and slander him as I see that most of them do.
Fear Allah swa more than that!
Or do you eat out of ours brother's dead flesh?

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