söndag 20 september 2009

The change in Bonded Me

I have always believed in God as far back as I can remember in my life. Before my retirement convention, I was a Christian. I thought that Jesus was the Son of God. But in hindsight, I realized that he was a prophet like everyone else. But I never really liked going to church.
SubanAllah, there was always something that bothered my inner as preached about one thing or another. But faith and love of God, I have always had in my heart. It was after I gave birth to my beloved daughter, as gratitude to God was insatiable. I thanked God again and again for the little miracle he had given me. My beloved daughter.
Tears of joy fell from my eyes a few weeks after birth, the love, gratitude and joy. I promised God that I would do everything I can in this life, back to Him. As a Muslim, I can do much more than when I was a Christian. I perform prayers 5 gng per day. I wear the veil. I do so much more for God. After I came home from the hospital, so my husband shows me a page in Swedish about Islam.
www.Islamguiden.com I started studying there and to my surprise as I knew my thoughts and feelings in what I read. SubanAllah, as Allah had already put me hospitality. I was now the only confirmed black on white. After a while, so I ate dinner and my husband MORE AS. I told him I wanted to be a Muslim. My husband did not believe me first. He was so choke.
After 10 years of relationship, so God had guided both myself and my husband. My husband has always been a Muslim, but unfortunately opraktiserande. But before my convention call God had put in his heart that he wanted to start performing prayers 5 gng per day.
Elhamdulillah convention did, and I MORE AS we were practicing Muslims. Now when I look back on my life, so I just elhamdulillah to Allah to guide me. I as a Muslim has got their eyes on a very different looking at human existence as to why we are in this world. Prepare ourselves for the next life. To make Allah happy and be a good example for the Muslim world. Do good deeds, help the needy, be humble and not haughty.
Wish it to its nest as you want yourself. Do not be greedy to give the man has. Do not be afraid to give. God bless the 100 cases were back to you. Do you have one share whith your brother or half sister.

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