onsdag 23 september 2009

Alhamdulillah My first eye signs from Allah (swa)

Salaam aleikum all my faithful readers ..
Yes, I posted a video here REFERENCE Allah incredible character to us humans that He (swa) really exists! Allahu Akbar! I myself was also my first experience recently eyes proof that Allah (swa) gave me.
It was after I had actually decided to give Michael the blog and take in to the Allah (swa) told me to do that it's wrong what I do, Alhamdulillah.
As you know anyone who follows me so I did not make it but had to do it for Allah (swa) sake .. And that was the jihad against myself, my nefs (ego). And it was incredibly difficult to do ..
When I did that I had left grief over Michael for the Could not delete the first time ..
But anyway. I and my husband was on his way to his family and it was raining outside. Yet as it turned out Allah in Arabic on the cloud, although the sky was black with.
But it took me a sign that He (swa) was with me in what I did for him and that I was right even though it was hard for me! Just wanted to share with me about this little adventure. I have had many spiritual experiences that He (swa) has given me, but this was the first I really saw.
Allahu Akbar!

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