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Signs of the appearance of Dajjal

A longer hadith narrated by Ibn Majah, Ibn Khuzaimah and ad-Dhiyaa ', linked up with Abu Umamah, says that the Messenger of Allah (saws) said:

"There will be three hard years before the Dajjal (coming forward). For those people will suffer a great famine. During the first year, Allah will command the sky to hold back third of its rain and the ground to hold back third of what it produces.

In the second year will Allah command the sky to withhold two thirds of its rain and the ground to contain two thirds of its production. During the third year, Allah will command the sky to hold back all the rain and it will not fall a single drop of rain. He will command the ground to contain everything it produces, and no plant will grow. All hoofed animals will die except Allah they choose. The Prophet Muhammad was asked: "What keeps people alive at that time?"

He said: "Tahlil, Tahmid and Takbir (Saying la ilaha ill Allah, Allahu Akbar and al-hamdulillah)." This will sustain them, like food does. " [Sahih Al-Jami 'al-Saghir, no. 7875]

Abdullah bin Umar said that the Prophet said: "Fitnah of Al-ahlas (continuous destruction) are mass exodus and war. Then is fitnah of As-Sarrah [meaning" the rich ", when any rich person uses their money to hire others to fight for them] will begin in the feet of a man who claims that he is of me (of my descendants). However, he is not of me, for my loyal friends are those who have taqwa. Then the people to unite around a man whose government is unstable,.

Thereafter, fitnah of Ad-Duhaymaa [it is called the black and dark fitnah because of its immensity] will start and will not leave any member of this nation does not affect him badly. When you think its time has come to Finally, it will be extended. Meanwhile (during this fitnah), a man waking up as a believer and will meet the night as a disbeliever, until people are divided into two camps.

One camp of faith which does not contain any hypocrisy and a camp of hypocrisy, but faith. If this happens, wait when the Dajjal at that day or the next. " [Ahmad, Abu Dawood and al-Hakim, Mishkatul-Masabih, vol. 4, no. 5403]

There are other signs of the impending arrival of Dajjal. Mu'ath recounted that the Prophet said: "The flourishing of Jerusalem will mark the exodus from Yathrib (Madinah).

Escape from Yathrib will mark the start of Al-Malhamah [the great war that will take place between ar-Rum and the Muslim forces before Muslims conquers Constantinople a second time]. The start of the Al-Malhamah will mark the conquest of Constantinople. The conquest of Constantinople will mark the appearance of the Dajjal. "
[Sahih Al-Jami `as-Saghir, no. 4096]

Flourishing of Jerusalem will happen by Muslim hands, Allah's will and following it will be restored again by the Jews. The Holy Land will be the seat of the Caliphate, for Allah's messenger said to Ibn Hawalah: "Oh Ibn Hawalah: If you live long enough to see the Caliphate based in the Holy Land, then earthquakes, disasters, and huge mishaps imminent . Then the Hour of people closer than this my hand against your head. "
[Al-Hakim in Al-Mustadrak, vol. 4, p. 420, and he says it is, "Sahih"]

Then the Muslims emigrated to the ash-Shaam to participate in Jihad, which will be against Allah's enemies of Christians and Jews. People in Medina will abandon it, not because they do not like it, but the reason to participate in Jihad for Allah's sake. Then it will be totally uninhibited, wild animals and beasts will roam there, and it will stay deserted until the Hour begins. Abu Hurairah relates that the Prophet again said, "Medina will be abandoned during his prosperity, then it will be inhabited by birds and beasts."
[Al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak, vol. 4, p. 436]

Muslims will leave Medina in its prosperity. Only wild beasts and birds will roam there. The last people to come together (for the beginning of the last day) will be two shepherds from the tribe of Muzainah. They will lead their flock to Medina and when they reach their goal, they will find it deserted. When they reach Thaniyyat al-Wada ', they will fall on their foreheads (the Hour will have started then). [Ahmad, al-Bukhari and Muslim, As-Silsilah As-Sahihah, vol. 2, no. 683]

Also, Abdullah bin 'Amr said: "There will be a time among people when every believer will immigrate to the ash-Sham." [Al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak, vol. 4, p. 457, and he says "Sahih" after the conditions of Bukhari and Muslim "Adh-Dhahabee agrees.] Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal will be killed As it was told in the hadith narrated by an-Nawwas bin Sam'an, Dajjal will be killed by Jesus son of Mary. Dajjal's death will occur after the angels turn him towards Ash-Sham away from the outskirts of Medina.

He will perish in Ash-Sham in the eastern door of Lud in Palestine, may Allah restore it to the Muslims. Before we mention the second coming of Jesus son of Mary, we will mention the al-Mahdi, Muhammad bin Abdillah. Al-Mahdi, will come just before the arrival of Jesus (peace be upon him).

He will lead the Muslim nation with justice and kindness and to establish Allah's rule. A righteous Caliphate will reappear after the earth has experienced its share of injustice and tyranny. Jesus son of Mary will pray behind him. Among Al-Mahdi's characteristics is that he will spend money on things without counting them, including many of his righteous deeds that were mentioned in several authentic hadith.

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