fredag 25 september 2009

Subject veil to cover the bosom ..

Salaam aleikum all my faithful readers.
Something I've been thinking and thinking is very Hidjaben (veil) in Islam. In the beginning when I did the convention so my husband bought veils to me .. Which veils I think afterwards, astagvurlillah ..
But with knowledge will understand, Alhamdulillah.
In the beginning, as I said I wore veils that ended a little under your chin .. May Allah forgive me! Ameen. Then once I began to understand the verse in The Holy Quran 24:30-31:
"Say to the believing men that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts; that is purer for them; surely Allah is Aware of what they do.
And say to the believing women that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts and do not display their ornaments except what appears thereof, and let them wear their head-coverings over their bosoms,
and not display their ornaments except to their husbands or their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or their sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brothers, or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or those whom their right hands possess, or the male servants not having need (of women),
or the children who have not attained knowledge of what is hidden of women; and let them not strike their feet so that what they hide of their ornaments may be known; and turn to Allah all of you, O believers! so that you may be successful. "
Ok, I started thinking .. Cover the bosom, it is ..
So how can I go in a veil that only covers my head but not the rest of your body? So Alhamdulillah, I began to realize that I wore a veil that was not allowed to Allah (swa) eyes, that I was wrong. I did my Creator pleased by this.
So I decided to cover myself more with larger hidjab (veil) that goes down over her breasts and did not show the shape of my femininity ..
In Swedish called this Kopor, but I do not know what it is called in English ..
Another funny thing was that I did not want to go in black and did not like at all these great veils from the beginning .. But Allah (swa) wanted something else ..
He (swa) sat humility in my heart and I accepted his (swa) will. Now I go in the Muslim black Dresses and veils and large black when I go out, Alhamdulillah ..
Perhaps Allah (swa) wants me to be a good example for him, because with me not going Muslimah that I and those born Muslims and I am a Swedish convert ..
Let them realize that we live Dunyan time for a short moment and may we all make Allah swa happy as long as we have life here.
For we must not be deceived by this Dunya and let our Nefs (ego) and Shaytan whispers beat us! We are stronger than that!
Peace be with you all!

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