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Through the ages there have been differing opinions concerning the existence of Jinn. There are some who completely deny, but to absorb a piece of Djinn concept. But through the ages, humanity has had a widespread believers in all sorts of fantasy. We have believed in ghosts, Leprechauns, and more modern invention that aliens etc but you can probably replace them all the Djinn. There is strong evidence for the existence of Jinn, and which evidence is stronger than the Koran.

"Certainly there were some among the people who took refuge in the few among Jinn and they increased their delusion" (72:6)

"But we first created the Jinn of the suffocating wind fire" (15:27)

"I've created Jinn and man only to worship Me" (51:56)

There are also a number of Hadith, but few will be mentioned later.

What is a Jinn?

Jinn is a part of creation, not by us, but they share many characteristics with us. They are gifted with intelligence, freedom and power to choose between right and wrong. They distinguish themselves in a very particular way they are made of another material. Allah informs us in many ayat that he has created Jinn from fire. For example, the Qur'an says:

"But we first created the Jinn of the suffocating wind fire" (15:27)

The Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) also said that the angels are created of light and the Jinn of smokeless fire and Adam was created from what has been described to you. Anyone reading this probably wondering about Jinn consist of fire how is it that they can burn. How can fire burn fire. One should bear in mind that human beings are created of clay, but we are clay? The same goes for the Jinn. The proof is in the hadith that Imam Ahmed b Habar related from Abu Sa'id alkhudr: The Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) went up to pray the morning prayer and I prayed behind him. He recited and became confused. When he was finished, he said, If only you could see me grab Iblis and how I continued until I felt the cold of his spit between my thumb and forefinger. How can spit from someone who is made of fire to be so cold. This contradicts itself and shows clearly that they somehow have provided the basic element.

Once created Jinn?

Jinn were created before man, there is no doubt that after you have seen this verse.

"We have of course created man in black EDUCABLE clay. But Jinn, we created only by the suffocating wind fire" (15:26-27)

The exact year know only Allah and in this context is not so important, just remember that they were created before man.

What types of Djinn are there?

There are three types of Jinn as has been said in a hatith from the Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him). "There are three types of Jinn. A type flying through the air a different type consists of snakes and dogs. A third is based on a location, but travels around d'Abu Darda said that the Prophet (Allah's peace and blessings of value with him) said: "Allah created three types of Jinn. One type is the snakes and scorpions and soil creeping things. One type is like the wind in the air. Another type is the object of accounting and punishment.

Have Djiiner cells?

The scholars disagree on this issue and there are two different sides. One group says that Jinn not have its own body and that they did not afflict other cells, and that they exist independently. The other group says that they have bodies, but then divide this group further. Some think they have definite cells and that there is a possibility that they have no density. Others say that their bodies are so subtle that our eyes can not see them. If Allah would strengthen our eyes, we would have seen them.

"He and his crew certainly you can see where I can not see them" (7:27)

If we could see them without any barriers between us then we could see them as they see us. Although the ability to make itself visible, but they choose to remain invisible, for the most part.

Djinn has other names?

Djinn has variable names here, we will mention some of them.

Djinni: Used by the Arabs when talking about a particular Djinn.

Amir: It is customary to think that there is a kind of Jinn who live among humans

Shaytan: The evil Djinn.

Ifrit: A name for the Djinn that are stronger than Shaytan.

Djinn has strength enough to adopt other forms?

Djinn has force enough to adopt a port shoes movies, horses, etc. also harbor human port until the power to take over the bodies of others. It was reported that Shaytan, the shape of an old man when Quraysch gathered in Dar al Nadwa to discuss the Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him). It was Shaytan who suggested that he would be killed.

Djinns forces!

Djinn are forces greater than a human. One of these is to change the shape of another is the power to move incredibly fast. The first example, you might come in is when an Ifrit Sulayman promise to fetch the Queen of Yemen to Jerusalem before Sulayman had time to get up.

"A Demon in Jinn said: I'll get you before you stand up from your seat" (27:39)

It actually shows just two of their abilities and they can have more. But it shows that they are stronger and faster than humans, it does not necessarily mean that this is their only talent.

Djinn are dying?

There is no doubt that Djinn under Allah's law which can be found in the Koran.

"Everyone who is there for her to pass away. But your LORD dwelleth consisting of glory and honor. Which of your master's kindness keeps you going for a lie" (55:26-28)

How long they live, we know not but;

"He said: So stay among those who have respite. He replied: Because you put me on the case, I will certainly put me in wait for them on your way, the right way. (7:14-15)

Which shows that there are others who have received grace. The Quran does not show whether it is all Djinn are included so it is possible that there are more than Iblis. If there is more need there ödvändigtvis mean that it applies to all Djinn. There are partners who have killed Djinn who have adopted other cells.

How to migrate Shaytan?

The Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) said that none of you should go with only one sandal. Shaytan walks with only one sandal. When one of you will break his sandals, he should not go with them, until it is repaired. (Muslim)

Fortsettelse følger inshaAllah ...
When Shaytan is usually out there?

Shaytan is usually absent after sunset. It is based on the Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) said: When the night falls and it's sunset direction when your children come together when the Shaytan. When an hour has passed let them go out. Close the door and mention God's name. Shaytan does not open a locked door.

Where is Shaytan faith?

Imam Ahmed b. Hanbal mentioned that Jabair heard the Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) said that Iblis places his throne on the lake, then sends him after his armies. Those who are closest to him in rank are those who are ondast. One of them comes and says, I did so and so. Shaytan answer you have not done anything. Then comes another front. I did not leave him until I managed to break his marriage. He stroked by Iblis and receive praise.

What was so Iblis fell out of favor?

When Iblis refused to fall down as he showed a characteristic which made him the case. This characteristic was pride. The fact was that Iblis believe in Allah's existence, which makes him better than many. And was one of the first prayer. Ibn Abi Shayba announced that Maymun b. Mahran: I asked Ibn 'Umar who was the first to cry in Isha. He replied Shaytan.

Iblis is one Djinn or an angel?

There are various opinions on this point. It has created unable for reasons that he lived in paradise before the people, just as the angels did. But if he was an angel he would never have revolted against Allah.

"Even when we said to the angels, fall of Adam, so they fell down except Iblis, he
refused and appeared arrogant and belonged to the infidels "(2:34)

This aya gave the scholars a lot of headaches, but only because Iblis dwelt among angels, it does not mean he is an angel. That he is a Jinn evidenced by this verse.

"Ye then take him and his progeny to the patron rather than though they are enemies to you" (18:50)

As is known, as spawns of the Angels yet, but here it was shown that Iblis has a child.

"And he said: What prevents you to fall down when I commanded you. He replied: I'm better than him, you created me from fire, but he has created you from clay" (7:12)

As is known, was created as angels of light and the Iblis has apparently not been created by. It is örmodligen majority of the scholars who believe that Iblis is a Jinn.

Djinns duties

All scholars agree that the Djinn are responsible for their actions. Those of them who will believe in heaven and those who disbelieve go to hell as Malik and Aasschafi. They are not the clay animals. According to Ibn Hamid Djinn has the same duties as human beings. According to Ibn Taumiyya is their experience and the laws differently so what we have banned them and permit them are completely different.

There have been prophets among the Jinn?

Ad Dahhak was asked if Jinn have been prophets before Prophet Muhammad (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him). He replied: Have not you heard the word of God.

"I Djinners race and human race, have not apostles from your own circuit come to you, to you my signs and warn you of this occurrence today?

They will say: We bear witness against ourselves. The earthly life has seduced them and they testify against themselves that they were infidels "(6:130)

Ad Dahhak was convinced that these aya shows that Allah has sent prophets from Jinn own crowd. Anyway, this is not entirely clear because "among you" just as well may involve only one group. This could mean that the envoy has been sent to both man and Jinn or Allah can talk about Jinn and mankind as a group. Is the latter case, we know that the prophets have at least been sent to humanity. The knowledgeable disagree on this point, but the majority of ancient and modern sources believe that there has never been prophets among Djinn. But there is a minority who believe that Jinn have been prophets. Ad Dahhak is one of them.

Religions and sects among Djinn

Allah tells us that Jinn says:

"Certainly there are righteous among us and also those who disbelieve, we belong to different directions" (72:11)

"Certainly there are those among us who embrace Islam and those who turn aside from the road and which include Islam, they choose a right path. But what they regard them as turn aside from the road so precious fuel to the hell" (72:14 -- 15)

Jinn have different schools. As-suddi says Djinn is that you have Murji'ah, Qadiris, Rafidites and Kharijite.

Djinn are rewarded for their actions?

They will have two views that go wide apart at this point. One group says that the Jinn are rewarded and punished. The other group says that their only reward is to escape hell. They will be ordered to be dust as Jinn. The first is preferable because the Koran is indicated on this when Allah says

"For each one there are different degrees in terms of what he has done, because your Lord is not indifferent to what they do" (6:132)

"Even against the prediction of the Djinners and human family who passed away before them in even to them" (41:25)

"Certainly there are those among us who cover Islam and those who turn aside from the road and those who cover Islam, they choose a right path. But as regards those who turn aside from the road, so worth the fuel to hell" (72: 14-15)

One of the clearest evidence is ...

"But he who fears his master's coming to him waiting two gardens. Which of your Lord's blessings are for when I lie" (55:46-47)

And so on until the end of the sura. There is also a hadith that support this theory. The Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) recited a sura and said afterward to his companions (Sahaba): Jinn had a better answer than you, they said. "We deny not one of your blessings, O our Lord," This is actually quite logical, because Allah has threatened those who deny the hell, why should not those who obey are rewarded with paradise. But let us not forget that it is after all the schools disagree on this.

Jinn in their own home environment

Jinn can have children? This becomes much clearer after you read it here.

"Schools in then take him and his progeny to the patron instead of me, though they are enemies to you" (18:50)

Jinn proliferate as children of Adam. But there are more of them.

Djinn can and people marry?

There is a common belief that man can marry Djinn. Is there any truth behind it. The Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) said when you have intercourse and do not mention the name of God, Satan will be with them and have sexual intercourse with. This show, although not if you can marry them or not, but shows that Shaytan can have a "deeper" in touch with us.

Eat and drink Djinn?

There are three different views on this point. The first is that none of them drink or eat. The second is that there are some who drink and eat. The third is that all drinking and eating. Those who stick to the last point in dispute as to how they eat, some say they are drinking and eating by sniffing and inhalation, this is not supported by any evidence. Others say that they chew and swallow like a normal human being that is supported by the Prophet's traditions. The Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) said that Shaytan eats with his left hand and drink with the same hand. It is in all cases proved that Shaytan eats, some schools say that one should not take it literally, but metaphorically.

Djinners home

Djinn live across the globe, although most live in deserts, ruins and dirty places such as toilets o graves. There are traditions from the Prophet which says that it is forbidden to pray in toilets and on the graves. Djinn are often the places where he can create corruption, such as markets. That is why the Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) said if it is not possible to go into a market first, or do not go out last. It is Shaytan battlefield and where he wraps his banner (Muslim). Shaytan is also available in house for the children of Adam and if you want to push him out, just to mention Allah's name. Among the places Shaytan preference is between the sun and shade. That is why the Prophet (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him) forbade the people to sit there.

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