tisdag 29 september 2009

WARNING for Rabbi Shmuly

This is very interesting because as you can see the article "Michael Jackson tapes reveal His Soul, Shapes adviser says" so it really comes to this "so-called" close friend "of Michael is one of them. And the Rabbi will not be a "close" friend of Michael ..

Without this you should have received money from Michael to charity and not used them for it, and more .. And how is it that this man comes out with a book now after 9 years as he claims Michael wanted out?

Now that Michael is dead! Do not go on this this seems to be another who wants use Michael's name and get money out of his death .. This one was just inside Michael's friendship circle for a short period .. So this seems like a foam fish .. And have also heard that this man was Michael ENEMY!

So we will really suit us here this seems to be a another Martin Blair .. which also Jew Uri Geller presented Michael to Blair ..

No further Michael had friends where everyone took their chance to get a share of his wealth.


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