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To follow the Prophet (saws) in EVERYTHING?

Salaam aleikum my readers..
I have wondered about one thing and that is that we should follow our beloved Profhet (saw) as he (saw) did..
Now I have heard that some men go and get married with children 6-9 years old becouse the Proohet (saw) made this..
Now I hope I can get help in from your readers on this subject that is more knowledgeable than me. Now I write my thoughts in this.
And I would like to have answers and help on this topic you can reply anonymously, inshAllah.
What I have understood that we can not follow everything that the Prophet (Saw) did. For He (saw) was a Prophet and we are not.
As in the hadiths, He (saw) was married with 7-13 women, while Muslim man may only have the right to 4 women.
The Prophet (saw) had to be 6 Prayers a day, while we only have 5 prayers.. So, now this. The Prophet (Saw) married Aicha (ra) at that time, humans developed from very different today, as you can read in my post here:
So this can not be followed by the Prophet (Saw) or what does Islam say here? About you know, please share whit you on this. For mine researsh looks like this is somthing we can not follow..
May Allah (swa) forgive me if I am wrong.

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wello sa...

Aslam Alykum
I want to share what i know about it
first our profhet Mohamed is agood example for us and we should to follow him in every thing because he teach us how to implement the orders and teachings of Alla in our life through his sunna.
but also we know that he(saw) has privacy like he was fasting day after day without break his fast after sunfull and when his companions asked him about that he said that Alla is feeding me and told them not to follow me on that and that's one of my privacy ,
he(asw)had power as ten men ,he(saw)has right to marry more than 4 women .
he told us about every thing
so we know his privacy and we know when we should to follow him and when we shouldn't
and about the marriage with children 6-9 years old becouse the Profhet (saw) made this with Aicha(ra)that has no relation with his sunna or Islam i mean not Alla nor the profhet said do or not do this that's only belong to Arab tradition at this time ,and when the tradition don't object to teachins of Islam no problem if we do or not. and some people don't know Aicha( ra)was engaged once before the profhet (saw)asked her for marrige so he didn't do unusual thing , some men get married with women bigger than them or with women married before because he(saw)did that this people don't understand he(saw)never ask to do that or encouraged that and i know Hadith but i can't dare to translate it in English by myself ,it's about when one of the profhet companions got married and the profhet asked him if his woman married before or she is a virgin he said she married before then he(saw)said if she was virgin it would be better so he didn't said you did just like me well done
so we should follow him in every thing except the private things that we all know about .
(by the way I never hear or read that the profhet (saw) had to be 6 Prayers a day what is the sixth prayer)
I want to help you more but my language don't help me sorry