torsdag 12 november 2009

The Bush Family and their illuminati Rituals Part 6.

(Evergreen Chapel at Camp David)

It's interesting that this was a "long scheduled family get-together" all for the supposed purpose of rededicating a chapel out in the middle of nowhere. Why weren't any of Bush Sr.'s other children or his 12 other grandchildren invited to this rededication of the evergreen chapel? This "rededication" plan went into effect on June 1st.

June 1st

Celtic: Festival of the Oak Nymph - celebrated to honor all hamadryads (female natures spirits who inhabit oak trees). This being a druid holiday of symbolic programming significance for mothers of darkness, it works well for timing of a sealing ritual. It is also close to the full moon which they would consider advantageous.

A curious note that might seem innocuous about the Camp David compound is that all the cabins there are named after different types of trees, like the oak, poplar, cedar, maple etc. There is much mind control programming based on different trees structured in the mind. The names of these cabins serve as subconscious reinforcement cues for M/C victims.

Alters of an Illuminati System, due to programming, will perceive a tree growing in them which has roots in their feet and its trunk and branches extending throughout their body. Upon this tree, fruit (programs) are placed....A tree is used because of its imagery and because of its magical powers according to Druidism.

There are a number of images a tree provides and there are a number of magical powers too. We will discuss the contrasts to develop our answer. The oak is a well-known powerful Druid item, but the willow tree is also sacred. The oak is so well-connected to the Druids that some of the other sacred trees of the Druids are not quickly recognized as sacred....

(Springmeier and Wheeler, Volume II, p.215)

To the best of my knowledge, President Bush could not be reached to comment on any world events over the weekend (June 1-3). Instead, the news agencies contacted Colin Powell to comment on the horrific bombing at the Tel Aviv discotheque and the middle east situation. I believe they may have briefly stopped off at Camp David friday and then directly headed to Europe for the Mothers of Darkness ritual.

What should be done? In my opinion, the Bush girls Jenna and Barbara should be prayed for. That it comes to the forefront of their minds what's being done to them. They would almost certainly have multiple personality disorder, and their front alters would be totally unaware of the ritual programming.

I pray that they may resist their programming and that the Lord will deliver them and open their eyes to what they are a part of. We should pray also that the eyes of American Christians will be opened to the true nature of the Bush Dynasty and not be deceived by them...J.E.Whisler

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