måndag 9 november 2009

How should I recite the Quran?

Source: Fatwa lil Imam an-Nawawi 'Al-Masa'il al-Manthurah "pp :45-46

Imam an-Nawawi was asked:

Question: If you recite the Koran outside the prayer, is it best to make it loud or quiet?
And what is the best current recitation of the night prayer?

It is better to recite out loud the prayer except when it leads to something bad like ria "(the person wants to show himself) or that the person believes himself to be superior to others or to interfere with the recitation, which conducts prayer or others such as the sick , the sleeper, who excused or group engaged in some form of worship or worldly activity.

As for night prayer, it is between high and low, this is the most accurate. They say it is better to recite aloud if it fulfills the above criteria.

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