onsdag 11 november 2009

To my readers..

In the Name of God, the Merciful.

I must write to you a bit about this on my blog because there are so many who have heard from so far only Muslims. I would say that you have told me that I blog about Jews .. I blog about a small group of Jews who is a terrorist group that vein has made us Muslims very badly. Make sure the Gaza war.

This is not about all the Jews, as I wrote this in a previous post but will say it again so that you readers will understand it. Illuminati and Zionism is 2 satanic groups of evil. It happens it was a group of Jews. Would also be blogging about it if it was the Norwegians .. But there are Jews ..

I blog about it here is because I want people to know the truth and this is nothing I find myself sitting on. Some have told mg that I've been thinking a lot that my blogging would cause 15 people to leave Islam. Ok mash Allah on me if I have the power that only Allah (swa) has. That guided and misguided. How can we know the truth deny all these characters who are strong for Dajjal arrival?

If you already do not look and think how it will be when the real Dajjal will? How will you think then, subanallah. This strikes me as a sign of many Muslims with weak faith for what is about to happen.

May Allah protect us all Muslims from it.

Some of you write May Allah forgive you for the posting to your blog. Thinking Ok I here why would Allah do that? Because I sit and fight the biggest Allah (swa) hates Shaytan and his actions? Is it not love for Allah (swa) and hate for Allah (swa)?

It's not me who is having these orginastoner of satanic groups. Of course, we prepared ourselves against this. Dajjals descent and apocalyptic. How? Seek refuge in Allah (swa) and improve us with our worship to Him (swa), and fill us with His (swa) knowledge of Him. For Inshallah this builds a strong iman in our hearts.

Then I wonder one thing to fitnah a strong word. I create fitnah with this as I blogggar about sometimes Muslims. Ok How do I create fitnah to my blogs about the truth? I do not understand this, how can you say this to me because I have decided to take a big risk and put this up. Yeah, I thought I will get them and the Illuminati behind me but it is only Allah (swa), I fear.

These videos are the very different views on. I have checked out before I put them up here. And as I said, I only see these more videos content that strong true and facts of how the world looks like.

The truth.

Since I have also this man who himself was a member of the Illuminati, and became a Muslim and his stories .. Should I deny his stories that have undergone this with the Illuminati itself?

It is haram to see half-naked Madonna and Briteny neck but think the videos are powerful and clear evidence that not be posted here.

And so I say it again to these groups, there does NOT mean that all people of Jewish and Amrikaner is like this. Need to show my clarity of this. So all of you who read will understand it. These are 2 groups of evil that has great powers.
Inshallah you will understand it, otherwise I ask Allah (swa) open your eyes and understanding to it.

Shaytan YOU are damned and WILL ALWAYS BE DAMNED! And IT´S ONLY ALLAH (swa) we fear or Creator!

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Iffy sa...

MASHALLAH!!!! great post my sister..I don't see anything wrong with what you're doing..we as muslims must know about what they are trying to hide from us and the rest of the world..we should be aware of the things that are happening right now with the swine flue, war,zionists, terrorism,9/11(inside job), Freemasons etc. The AntiChrist Dajjal is coming and we muslims must stay strong and unite..only then are we strong enough to handle any sort of obstacle..

you are doing a great job sis..and your blog is mashAllah very nice. I don't see how the things you write can make anyone leave Islam. It only enlightens people..and let's not forget you do blog alot about Islam so more mashAllah to you and may Allah swt reward you for the great job that you are doing..ameen!!!


Meddie sa...

<3 Thank U <3