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The truth of the Trinity

Author: Imaam Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Qurtubi
Source: Al-Djâmi 'ahkâm li-il-Qur'an (6 / 23)
There Ihyâ 'at-Turâth al-'Arabî, 1422/2001
Published 14/07/2007

Allah (subhânahu wa Ta'al) says:

فآمنوا بالله ورسله ولا تقولوا ثلاثة انتهوا خيرا لكم إنما الله إله واحد
"Believe, therefore, Allah and His messengers and say not:" Three [gods]. "Cease, for your own good! Allah is the One God. "


"Believe, therefore, Allah and His Messenger ..." means that one must believe that Allah is one God who has created his envoy al-Masih (the Messiah); faith because of his envoys, including 'Isa (Jesus) and do not consider him as a god.

"... And do not say 'our gods are" Three [gods] ".

Ibn 'Abbas said:
"With the Trinity believe the Allah (Ta'al), his woman and his son."

Al Furr 'and Abu' Ubayd said:
"It means that they will not say that they are three, just like his (Ta'al) Words:

سيقولون ثلاثة
"They will say:" Three. " '

Abu 'Ali said:
"The implied sentence is" Do not say that he is a Trinity. "
Despite the Christians split into different sects, they are all united on the Trinity and says:

"Allah is a single entity with three different personalities."
They make each of the personalities of a deity and with these figures relate to the:

1 - Existence.
2 - Life.

3 - Knowledge.

Sometimes it puts the Trinity by saying "Father, Son and Holy Spirit." In this way, they say that the Father is the existence, the son is al-Masih (the Messiah) and the Holy Spirit is knowledge. In their speeches, there is a real mess, which explains their religious principles.
As a quick return of their speech is always that 'Isa (Jesus) is Allah, based on the miracle of Allah (subhânahu wa Ta'al) allowed him to perform. Built on this, they said:

"We know that these documents are also human capacity and therefore they can only come from someone who has the divine attributes."

Then it says to them:

If it is true that he did a good deal these documents without any help, he should also have passed by his enemies, and averted their injuries - but that is not the case.

If Christians agree with this, seems their claim that he performed these acts on their own. Would they do not do it, they still have no evidence, for it is opposed by the Musa (Moses) and all the great miracles he performed.
Some of them were that the rod became a serpent, a division of the sea, that his hand was white, he was given manna and quails for food and so on.
The same applies to the rest of the prophets. If they also deny it, we deny what they claim is said to have happened 'Isa (Jesus). They are unable to confirm any of it he is said to have done.

For that we must acknowledge these events, we refer to the Qur'an, while they deny the Qur'an and he blames that came with it for a lie. In this way, they are unable to confirm any of this with multiple reporting.

It is said that Christians were Muslims in the 81 years after 'Isa (Jesus) lifted up to heaven. They asked the Qiblah and the fasting month Ramadhan, until a war between them and the Jews broke out. Among the Jews was a courageous man named Paul who killed a large number of 'isa (Jesus) supporters. At one point he said:

"If the truth is with 'Isa (Jesus), we have blasphemed and denied, and our final destination will be hell. We have been duped if we go to hell, and they go to paradise. Let me turn in among them in order to deceive them so they end up in hell. "

He then showed remorse, threw dirt on his head and said to the Christians:
"I'm Paul, your enemy. I have been called from the above that I can only be forgiven if I am a Christian. "

They then took him into a church in which he settled in at a year. He was not out of it until he learned the Gospels. Finally he went out and said:

"I have been called from the above that I have been forgiven."

They believed him and began to love him. Then he went to the Bayt-ul-Maqdis (Jerusalem) and Nestor cried to his successor and then taught him that 'Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) is a god.
Then he continued his journey to Rome and taught them theology and humanism, and said:
" 'Isa (Jesus) was neither a man or a body, but the son of Allah."

This taught him a man named Jacob. Then he called another man named Malak and said to him:
"God is and will remain 'Isa (Jesus)."

After having put his claws into these people, he called on them one by one and said to them:
"I saw the Messiah in his dreams and he was pleased with me."

Then he told each of them:
"Tomorrow, I will sacrifice myself and get closer to [God] through it. Urge people to your faith. "

Then he went into the room and the victim offered himself. On the third day was started and a call to his faith and so did each of his band of followers. Then they ended up in conflict and disagreement as to the present day. All Christians thus derives from these three sects. That said, therefore, be the reason for their idolatry - and Allah knows better.

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