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From v 4 Cold Case (Kalla faktan)

From Tv 4 Coold Case (kalla faktan).

MP expresses support for the Truth Movement
MP Egon Frid (V) has expressed its support for the Truth Movement. Earlier this year he signed a petition calling for a new independent investigation of the September 11 attacks.

- I can not go back that I've done it and it has really no good reason to do, "says Egon Frid (V) to the hard facts.

- I know that there are more people who would like to do it but could not do it because it's an impossible discussion, "he continues.

Egon Frid has on two separate occasions openly expressed its support for the Truth Movement. Secondly, he signed a petition in which politicians worldwide demand the truth about the September 11 attacks, but he has also developed his theories on his blog, which is one of the left party websites.

- The new theories I was part of in April this year when I wrote the petition is all about the alternative theories that the U.S. knew the attacks and the terrorist attacks before, and was a part of it, "says Egon Frid.

Israel accused
Hard facts Review of Truth Movement shows that several key leading figures openly argue that Israel, in cooperation with the United States carried out the September 11 attacks. One of them is author David Ray Griffin who has written several books on the attacks.

- September 11 attacks was to create an image of Muslims as terrorists. This gave Israel full power in the eyes of the world, "said David Ray Griffin.

In Sweden, the Alhambra publishers that translates and publishes David Ray Griffin's books. Here we encounter also the perception of American and Israeli cooperation on the attacks. Lasse Willhelmsson is the publisher's representative in Stockholm.

- All who are in politics at some level know that this was one thing that Mossad and the CIA were involved in and as it was to blame Arab countries. We designed this threat of terrorism, "said Lasse Wilhelmsson to hard facts.

Widespread anti-Semitism
- It's about the lowest common denominator and that in this case give the Jews blame ultimately. It is pure Nazi-like ideas, "says journalist and author Torbjorn Elensky to hard facts.

Torbjorn Elensky have criticized the Truth Movement and the widespread anti-Semitism rife among its adherents.

Criticism from the party
MP Egon Frida stated support for the Truth Movement has been very well received by people within the movement worldwide. It adds credibility and weight to the arguments put forward. But the Left Party leader in Parliament, Alice Åström (V), do not think it's good.

- I think there is every reason to distance themselves from this movement and what they stand for, "says Alice Åström (V).

How is your confidence in Egon Frid as members of Parliament today?

- I have still confidence in him, but I must say that in this course, he has failed in appreciation, "says Alice Åström (V) to the hard facts.

The name picked out

The day after the Hard facts interview with Egon Frid, he picked his name removed from the call. He writes on his blog that he does not want to be associated with the Truth Movement.

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