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The Bush Family and their illuminati Rituals Part 4.

Did the Bush Family Attend an Illuminati Ritual this Weekend?

by James Whisler


More and more people are regularly catching on to the satanic nature and power of the Bush Family. George Bush Sr. is an Illuminati kingpin and his family's bloodline is descended from several of the top Illuminati bloodlines, including the Merovingians, the Tafts and the Wheelers among others. Mind control programming is carried out on all offspring so that total control and complete secrecy are maintained.

George Bush Senior is known to be an adept at trauma-based mind control programming. He had raped former mind controlled sex slave Cathy O'Brien and her daughter many times. In her autobiography TranceFormation of America, Cathy describes in detail some of the less torturous programming sessions she was forced to undergo with Bush Sr. Here's part of one such programming session.

I was then quickly taken to Bush's Residence Office, where here-to-fore was unfamiliar to me. Although it had slate blue, plush carpets and fine furnishings like the White House office, lattice work and smaller rooms provided a different air. I sat in a hard-back wooden chair as ordered, while Bush carefully positioned himself in front of me on a little wooden footstool.

This allowed me clear visibility of the Large book that he held in his lap. All illustrations faced me, while all text except the last page was printed in the holder's direction. This book was a unique, high tech piece of art specifically designed to enforce Bush's favorite method of programming,

"You Are What You Read". The juvenile face depicted on the front of this hardcover book gave it the appearance of a children's storybook. It was entitled About Faces.

Bush explained the dynamics of "changing faces" and "becoming what I read". Although I had been conditioned to this idea all of my life through Disney stories, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, etc., I was not prepared for Bush's version of "You Are What You Read" programming explanations.

The illustrations themselves were elaborate, consisting of mirrors and hypnotic depictions. He seemingly made the book come alive in my mind as he read page after poetic page of hypnotic, metaphorical language, all the while creating powerful illusions. His impersonations of the characters further enhanced the desired affect of fantasy becoming reality...

(Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien, TranceFormation of America, Reality Marketing, Inc., Las Vegas, NV; 1995, pp.164,165

Bush reading to grandchildren at Camp David during Christmastime in 1992

Bush Sr. has taken an active role in the programming of his grandchildren, especially his twin granddaughters Barbara and Jenna, who spent time each summer with him and their grandmother Barbara in their home in Kennebunkport, Maine and in Camp David, during his presidency.

Camp David, Maryland serves as an ideal location to carry out mind control programming due to its very secluded off-limits compound accessible only to the president and whoever he invites. Bush himself displays characteristics of mind control, being described by his biographers as having a highly compartmentalized personality

(http://www.americanpresident.org/KoTrain/Courses/GB/GB_Family_Life.htm )

which is an excellent way to describe a programmed person with multiple personality disorder. Its also interesting to note that Bush Jr. made a decision for Christ after receiving 'counseling' from 33rd degree freemason Billy Graham at his father's house in Maine.

Illuminati mind control begins before birth for the poor victim. In many cases, induced premature birth is applied because it is traumatic to the child. Springmeier and Wheeler report in Volume II:

A premature birth is important because the naturally occurring events around a premature birth insure that the child is naturally traumatized....

A premature birth will create a fighter spirit within the child. If the child does not have a strong instinct for survival, and does not fight to survive the premature birth, then it will not fight to survive during the tortures of the programming.

By having a premature birth, the selection process has already started....The soothing voice of the programmer is said and heard in hypnotic tones. The hypnotic voice of the programmer is taking advantage of the dissociative trance-like state of the child in pain.

The hypnotic voice is grooming the child from the womb. Hypnotic cues are placed into the child’s mind even at this young age. Hypnotic cues use all the senses. In reality, the programmers are even hypnotizing the little babies....

Babies have been taken by induced labor or C-Section at premature ages intentionally to insure that the baby will suffer trauma. When the premature baby leaves the comfort of the womb it experiences trauma.

By taking the baby prematurely, it also gives the programmers an advanced start on the programming....

(Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, The Illuminati Formula, Oregon City, OR; 1996, pp.21-24)


Bush twins trying to avoid spotlight

( http://www.usatoday.com/news/e98/e1877.htm)

... When Gov. Bush decided to run for president, he and his wife Laura asked their daughters how involved in the campaign they wanted to be. Not much, they decided.

''It's an informed decision on the girls' part,'' said Andrew Malcolm, Mrs. Bush's spokesman They've had plenty of exposure to politics and campaigning - from the very beginning.

Born prematurely on Nov. 25, 1981, the fraternal twins were named for their grandmothers...

(emphasis mine)

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