fredag 6 november 2009

Strong Woman and Bin Laden..

Salaam aleikum all my precius readers..
I´ve seen a program again on Swedish television. This was a Somali woman who have left Islam and is struggling to Islam shuld be a gender religion as Chrisianity and Judaism..
The program was called: "Strong Woman" Ok, first I get angry and upset about the titel of the program.
Who is not strong about a woman who living in a country that is Islam phobic and think we are brainwasched and forced on us our hidjabs and niqabs?
First says that somali woman that we submit to Allah (swa) and when we are on the prayer carpet so we devaue ourselfs to let ourselvs be governed.
If I would throw myself that Allah (swa) like I´d be depressed.. I get so angry that some people think that Madonna is more free, because she huming her on the stage whith lots of half naked gues it´s morality and freddom?? Or what?
Then this woman said that we need to be home and not educate us. That Mohammed (saw) would be considered that he has been wrong in some things.
May Allah (swa) guided more blind and closed hearts in to He´s Nour. Ameen!
I just want to say I love my religion and my God! And I´m gratful and happy that I lie on the Prayer carpet 5 times a day.
This woman goes and says things that are not consistent whit Islam and gives out a wrong image..
Not only this.
Of course she takes up 9/11, which also now starting to become prove that the are a inside job from The Govermant Busch..
But how long will people keep on at us Muslims? I look at Bin Laden, and think: " Mashallah this man have pure eys lik a child. Can he really be a cold-blooded terrorist, or is this only a target for Govermant Busch as a target..?"
I thought some have Bin Laden said in a few things on TV, that he is behind the terrorist attacks.. But thought-provoking that it is easy for today´s techonology to make a doobelganger of Bin Laden and put a camera over his face..
So again: DO NOT belive everything you see!
Allah (swa) knows better!

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Cecilia sa...

masha´allah! great post!

I missed that program on tv, what channel was it on?

Meddie sa...

Thank you my sister .. I think it was on the Knowledge Channel ..

Iffy sa...

MashAllah sister Meddie, what a wonderful article..we are not unfamiliar with these type of silly allegations made by ignorant people who does not have any knowledge about Islam, I missed the programme but will try to catch it some other time..

great job and may Allah swt reward you for your efforts


Meddie sa...

Ameen, evan u my dear wonderful sister<3