onsdag 4 november 2009

Problems with computer ..

Salaam aleikum all my fatihful readers..
Now it so that my computer has been a crazy.. Probably it is my husband who has instal somsthing or done somthing but he dont now what it is.
I got up a lots of intresting matrial for this blog about Illuminati and Government Busch.
But now I can not copy and paste. But InshAllah you all have saber (patience) whith me. Once it is completed, it will up on the blog as well.
There is to much, so I can not sit and write of it. More than smaller messages when.. I wanted to tell u about this, so u know..
Another thing some reaction to me from my readers, that they would get quitley on my music player list.
I know that the acting up some times whith the pause.
So u do so here:
U go down in the page for in which the Player play botton is.
But u must wait until there´s music from it otherwise you can not pause..
Its hangs somtimes, so somtimes u have to pause two to three times before it goes. But remember that u must wait for the player to pause else not pause it..
InshAllah it goes, if not hear from u again so I can explain better InshAllah for u..

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