måndag 2 november 2009

The Bush Family and their illuminati Rituals. Part 1.

Pictured above: Luciferian George W. Bush, participating in the Olympic ceremony on the Winter Solstice, is standing next to the cauldron (symbolizing the craft), accepting the torch (which signifies illumination of the ancient mysteries) from an Olympic runner.
He is dressed in the traditional Masonic contrasting colors of black and white which represents their gnostic dualistic worldview.
The torch he is holding is 33 inches long, a number obviously sacred to freemasonry; and is designed as an icicle.
The simulated icicle is joined to the flame to help create one of this year's themes for the torch which is "Land of Contrast -- Fire and Ice"
The ceremony strategically took place on the South Whitehouse lawn, in the presence of the phallus of Osiris, the god who traditionally dies every winter solstice and is reborn on Christmas as Horus (Tammuz, Zeus, etc).
After the above torch ceremony, Bush and his wife joined his parents and daughters at Camp David, presumably for a secret satanic solstice ritual.

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