måndag 15 augusti 2011


Salaam aleikum my precious readers..

 Well now the time is close to us for NASA warnings. Khier Inshallah. Many who I've talked to that are both close family and others I write to, to warn about all this whats comming .. Please take this seriously.

I think you all woukd think one more time over this..

 Some say: Trust in Allah in this and Allah knows best. Well alhamdulillah He swt knows best. but he swt has given us a choice to be preparing for natural disasters that can now be done.

Think that we could be out electricity. i have arrange for me and my family alhamdulillah. I've found a house that is modern yet retains both the wood stove and fireplaces ..

And it is a farm

So, Inshallah, if I survive I'll start growing and get my own animals. I've seen enough of this poisoning surveillance society. It is not from Allah swt. I feel closer to Allah swt  when I will move to the country and become self-living Alhamdulillah ..

 Some also say how can they know that the comet will come??  First let me say that we have the modern technology today that can show us what happens in space..

but we can not know if it really is going to happend becuse  Allah swt can stop it right? Then we know what powers they worship and what they cooperate with .. Shaitan and jinns. Anyone who turns to a jinn can know the future in a certain part of it.

Khier Inshallah.

Trust in Allah swt and make the best of the situation in the chaos that will come. NASA has told us to look out in the media on September 6 after an earthquake that will be a sign of the comet's arrival.

A Muslim should be wise not to let themselves be attacked ..

Think electricity solved. Buy food that rice seeds ect so you can you can survive for a long time without electricity ..

Warm sleeping bags and clothing for the winter.. becuse it can be very cold.  Fireplace or a stove gazol..

flashlight batteries

 Gazol fireplace matches heat light .. If you want I can Inshallah post a survival list here what you should think about .. Water.. Have water in plastic pounds in a cool place.

And one more thing that everyone thinks that 2012 is about Judgement Day. It does not. For sure, we have comets to us past and solar storms, but that havent been Judgement Day for that right?? ;)

But the technology must beeing destroyed  before Dajjal will arrival.
and in the newspaper, it was about this solar storm will then turn all the electricity out and the whole europa and the U.S. will be electric and solve many millions will die of being without electricity.

And although all the technology would break ..

United States want to chip us have in their world order.

The Profet pbuh said: FIRST Dajjal  people who work for his arrival will come.

We live in these times

 All love for Allah swt's sake to you.
Good luck!

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