tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Christmas in the Cult

Christmas in the Cult

After I got more insight in to the Illuminati as I discovered one day that the Christmas tree looks like a pyramid with an all-seeing eye.. and what the actual "chrismes star" symbolizes know we probably all .. Not Bethlehem star anyway .. And indeed this is the Christmas date is there biggest rituals, astagvurlilah. I am grateful to Allah swt that he guided me to truth, where Christmas is forbidden to celebrate alhamdulillah.


from the articel:

Christmas is a time when people think warmly of family gathered around the Christmas tree, sharing laughter as presents are opened and sleepy-eyed children excited see what Santa has brought. Adults share egg nog and cheer, and happy traditions are followed.
But for the child raised in a generational satanic cult, Christmas has a very different meaning. In the daytime, the normal activities of shopping for presents and going to parties occurs, and the family may have a large “warm” gathering of its members in the day.
But at night, things are quite different. The child who in the daytime looks forward to Santa and presents under the day, quakes with terror at the thought of what will come at night.

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