tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Ritual Holidays

Ritual Holidays

From the articel:

The first year that I got out of the cult, I was having a horrible time on September 7 Th. I was struggling with self-harm, and the desire to recontact my ex-husband, who was a leader in the group, was almost impossible to ignore. My anxiety levels escalated the entire day, and culminated in calling my ex and then overdosing. I spent the night in the Emergency room.
Two months later, I found out that this date was one of the most important of the year for the Illuminati, and was called the marriage of the beast. It was also my ex's birthday and I had many memories tied to the events that occurred on this day. I had also been struggling with callback programming on the date.
The survivor of ritual abuse, and those who support them, can benefit from knowing when ritual holidays occur. These are often what are known in psychological terms as "anniversary events" with painful trauma attached to the dates at the least, or at worst, are designated callback dates for the survivor. Being forewarned, and preparing, can help the survivor get through these holiday dates.

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