söndag 7 augusti 2011

Elenin Nibiru comet star sun john gorman Nasa swiss 10 franc

Elenin Nibiru comet star sun john gorman Nasa swiss 10 franc 

Elenin means 11 / 9 backwards 9 / 11.. So you have to be awake in this "comet" thats in ther planns from the elite .. Many people think because that it is a ship coming towards us..

 I do not know if any of my readers are to awake in this. I remember in the media wrote them a few years ago that NASA sent up a huge ship in space, which is several kilometre large. for to explore the black hole I think it was .. From Moscva ..

some think it is Ailiens (that we know of Islam is djinn, the Prophet SAW had never forget to mention such an important thing for us, hill have existed), but what I really think is that it screams FAKE INVISON in this ....

And of course it is weird that NASA change all the time about Elenin..

I think because NASA has get out about the undergrunds with  they have built for over 50 years and wants us go down  in, i think also this was in their plans.. if we have listened to those who have worked there .. so we know that bad things are. and that the generals have died of a heart attack when they've seen whats going on in there.. so NO! whats happend we most say: alhamdulillah but do not go down into the undergrunds!!



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