måndag 5 oktober 2009

Muslim terrorists harm Islam more than non-Muslims

Author: Imaam Muhammad bin Salih bin 'Uthaymîn
People who carry out terrorist acts and claim to fight for Allah's cause, has actually damaged the image of Islam much more than what non-Muslims did. They have already given Westerners and a distorted view of Islam.
What are the consequences of these acts? Have they done Islam more acceptable to non-Muslims?
Now the Muslims are afraid of being branded as terrorists. In contrast, neither Islam or true Muslims something to do with this terrorism. Nor should they be associated with the perpetrators who carried out these acts.
When the Muslims of Allah had to be against their enemies, they never went into their house. To fight for Allah's cause was conducted under the banner of the leader who had the ability and power to fight against those who attacked the Muslims.
However, these terrorist acts has caused more harm and defamation of Islam. Had we only been wiser and improved our tactics before we go out and call the people to accept our message, the results had been more rewarding and we would also have won more supporters than opponents.
Source: magazine "Al-Daawah", pp. 26, no. 20, Rabi 'II 1424 / June 2003

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