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Fever belong to hell

It has been reported in al-Bukhârîs and Muslims "as-Sahīh" from Nafi 'from Ibn' Umar that the Prophet (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "The fever is one of hell vidhet. Cool because it down with water. "


The Prophet's words, "The fever is one of hell vidhet ..." referring to the fierce flames and spread. It recalls the Hadith: "The intense heat belongs to hell vidhet."

It can have two explanations:

1 - It is an example taken from hell, so that the servants can learn it and learn from it. Allah (subhânahu wa Ta'al) has set its existence because of the demanded reasons. Similarly, Allah has shown us in this life, compassion, joy, happiness and sweetness, which is paradise for the gifts that we should learn from them and get to know them. Allah has given their existence because of the demanded reasons. .

Source: at-Tibb an-Nabawî, pp. 26-28 2
- There is a correlation. He compared the high fever and its flames of hell so far. Similarly, he compared the high heat with it in order to draw attention to the people on the fire's severe punishment and that this great heat out its extent. This happens when you approach it and feel its heat. His words "... with water."

Understood in two ways:

1 - All the water. This view is the correct one.

2 - Water from the Zamzam. Their evidence is the hadith of al-Bukhārī who reported from Abu Djumrah Nasr bin 'Imrân adh-Dhuba'î who said: "I used to sit with Ibn 'Abbas in Makkah. One day I became febrile illness. He said: "Cool yourself with Zamzam water.

Messenger of Allah (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "The fever is one of hell vidhet. Cool because it down with water or with Zamzam water. " This author doubts reports. Even if he were to find that it is Zamzam water, so it affects Makkahborna because it is fully available there. Other people may make use of its waters. Those who said that the Hadith is general have different views, we must provide water for charity or to utilize the water?

The most correct opinion is that it uses water. I think what got them other that to say that it provides water for charity, is that they think it is odd to treat a fever with cold water.

They do not understand the point even though his words have a nice score. Here, the point is to reward with it you get. Just as thirst flame goes out with cold water, Allah extinguishes the flame with the fever. This will be presented to the hadith understanding and suggestion.

As for its meaning, so we get to it through practice. In Ibn Mâdjahs "As-Sunan" reported it from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (Salla Alelâhu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "The fever is one of hell fire. Get rid of it with cold water. "

Source: at-Tibb an-Nabawî, pp. 26-28 Author: Imaam Ibn Qayyim-il-Djawziyyah
(d. 751)

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