fredag 30 oktober 2009

People's language on the Doomsday

Author: Shaykh-ul-Islam Ahmad bin Taymiyyah Source: Madjmû'-ul-Fatawa (4/300-301) Published 20/01/2008


In what language people will be attracted on the Day of Resurrection? Will Allah (Ta'al) to tell them in Arabic? Is it true that the language of hell will be Persian, while the language of paradise will be Arabic?


It is not known what language people will speak on the Day of Resurrection. Nor is it known what language the Lord (djalla wa 'ala) will appeal to them. Neither Allah (Ta'al) or His Messenger (Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) has mentioned anything about it.

There have been no reports of authenticity that Persian is hell folks language, nor has it been reported authentic that Arabic is the language of paradise. We do not know that the companions (radhiya Allahu 'anhum) had some disagreements in this. They did not talk about this.

This is one of useless knowledge. In contrast, it recently ended in disagreement on this issue:

1 - Some said that they will be accused in Arabic.

2 - Others said the hell people will speak in Persian and it is hell language.

3 - Some said that the paradise people will speak Arabic. All these statements have no proof and evidence, and Allah (Ta'al) knows better and he is wiser.

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