torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Michael's double walkers unmasked after 20 years!

I came to think of this article with as we discussed part I and other fans if it really is Michael or a double in the film This Is It. Yes, I think it may well be true, this doppelganger of this article was first unveiled after 20 years! Who worked as a stand-in when Michael was alive. Upload it here .. So all you you to know that it is not always as it looks! Allah (swa) knows best!
This must be you just read!
I heard that many suspect that it was not Michael in the appearance in London who spoke in This is it. Is a video about this further down the blog.
For he and his teeth show much that it was not Michael.
Check out this double-walkers as Michael used the 1988 which now became apparent that it was not Michael who all thought then. Unmasked after 20 years!

Translation of the article:

Michael Jackson's double walkers tricked East German Stasi Published: August 6, 2009, 21.46 Over a month has passed since Michael Jackson's death but popstjärnans life is still very topical.
Last in line, a Stasi file from the late eighties emerged, in which Jackson is seen posing on the Berlin Wall. But even Stasi agents can go on a rivet. 20 years later, it emerges that the man on the wall was not Jackson, but a temporary double-walkers

Check the link although it is in English but translated over here so you all understand. For it is with images that are worth seeing. TRUST ME!

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