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Olive, a sign of peace and friendship throughout the world, described in the Holy Qur'an in Surat At-Teen. Found a lot in Asia Minor, Palestine, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Italy, North Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, In the State of California in the United States, Mexico, Peru and South Australia.
Olive trees ranging up to three meters in height. Its leaves are light green and very attractive, and its fruits are bright with bluish or violet colored. Although olives consumed straight from the olive plant is very nutritious, as they usually are because of their metallic taste.
Pickled olives are consumed largely in Europe. Olives are preserved in vinegar imported from Spain, Italy, France,Turkey and Greece, and is favored in Europe and Arab countries. Olive oil is a good preservative for other foods such as sardines and other fish. The use of olives goes back to antiquity.
Vessels full of olive oil has been found, among many other items during excavation of ancient Egyptian tombs. According to various hadith researchers so the olive tree was the first who appeared on earth after the great flood subsided. According to Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah told Sayyid Al-Ansari that the Prophet (SAAW) said, "Eat olive oil and rub it on your body because it is from a sacred (Mubarak) tree."
According to Ibn al-Juzi, Zanbi, Alqama ibn Amir said that the Prophet (SAAW) said, "There are olive oil to you, eat it, rub it over your body because it is effective against hemorrhoids."
Baso reported that aQba Ibn Amir said that the Prophet (SAAW) said, "You have oil from this Holy (Mubarak) tree, treat yourself with this, because it cures the Anal fissure" (Definition: Rupture of the anal mucosa). Abu Na'im reported that Abu Hurayrah said that the Prophet (SAAW) said, "Eat olive oil and apply it (locally), since there is cure for seventy diseases in it, [and] one of them is leprosy."
Olive oil has a place in pharmacology in the United States and Britain. Both countries have assigned great importance for the olive oil in the treatment of various ailments and have fixed standard parameters to evaluate its purity. It contains palmatic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, acetic acid, formic acid and glycerides. In this case, then it insoluble in water but in alcohol, ether, chloroform and liquid paraffin.
According to Ibn al-Qayyim red oil is better than the blackish. Its therapeutic uses are:
"It is good against the skin of the face. "Prevention and Resolution of toxins. "Regulates digestion. "Removes parasites in the intestines. "Give your hair a good keynote, which makes hair healthy, shiny and makes it stronger.
"A massage of olive oil with common salt over the gums is a remedy for several diseases of the gums and teeth. "Local application of olive oil or water extracted from the crushed olive oil is effective for rash and itching.
"Chronic leg ulcers and boils, which are difficult to heal, are healed with olive oil when applied locally. "According Zahbi, it strengthens the hair and body, which can be used as a good keynote, and for delaying the aging process.
"It will help a low libido (sex drive). "A combination of normal saline and olive oil is very effective when it burns. "If we drown olive leaves in water is effective against mouth and Lappsa, and dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) due to allergies. "The concentrated aqueous extract of olive leaves and fruits is very effective against dental cavities and leukoplaquea in the mouth.
"This solution is used along with vinegar for alopecia (hair loss) and to increase hair growth. "It is also said that the local application of this extract removes the scars of small pox (syphilis), and abscesses.
"Crushed olive seeds mixed with butter is effective on brittle nails. "Pickled olives are a good starter, and can stop constipation. "Its crushed leaves can be applied locally to check excessive perspiration.
"The water is extracted from the leaves with honey is used for ear drops and is effective in various ear ailments. The oil procured by burning wood in the olive branch is effective against all fungal infections, for example, ringworm, tenia, versicolor (Tinea versicolor is a skin disease) in addition to eczema, psoriasis (a chronic skin disease), dandruff and hair loss.
"Applying olive oil on the scalp is highly effective against dandruff. "It affects hair growth and reduces hair loss. The application of olive oil reduces inflammation in the eye. "A massage of olive oil in the whole body relaxes muscles and organs, and relieves muscle aches. "Some doctors also advocates a massage with olive oil for epilepsy.
"It relieves sciatica (pain due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve that runs from the hip along the back of the leg to the foot) and arthritis (joint inflammation). "Ointment prepared from olive oil has very good healing agents: "It heals the sinuses and fistuli very quickly.
"If taken internally, 25ml olive oil mixed with 250ml of barley water is highly effective against chronic constipation. "It is a good diuretic (diuretics), which is used in ascites (fluid accumulation in morbid tissues and body cavities). "It removes kidney stones.
"In light of the research conducted in the United States and Britain should be concluded that the IHT is good nutrition, particularly for kidney ailments where an intake of protein is a contraindication (medical term for the circumstance warranting or obstacles to take a specific action) .
"We mentioned already that the Prophet (SAAW) said that it is a good remedy for Anal fissure. Therefore, patients are invited to take two tablespoons of olive oil at bedtime and an ointment was applied to crack locally before sleeping and in the morning. The ointment is prepared from eight spoonfuls olive oil and two tablespoons of ground henna leaves.
"In combination with other prescription drugs at the Prophet's medicine is a good cure for psoriasis (a chronic skin disease) and against eczema. "The impressions of several doctors practicing in Middle East and North Africa reveal that gastro-intestinal cancer is not detected among those who used to consume olive oil. Japanese doctors also endorse this, and have the opinion that olive oil prevents the occurrence of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.

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