tisdag 13 december 2011

Whats is going on? A invison??

Whats is going on? Somthing big is in the air.. I belive we can all wait for a invison soone. Becuse you have all see what NASA want to us to belive in another world and ailiens.. Check out this links to:

and i hope you all have see this video i link it again inshallah:

And i want you to know that we have seeing "ufos" here in sweden in the last time. Me for my self and another sister have see this one to in malmo:

And this was the one i saw but it was more closer to me and it stood still and not moved at all.. then come one another over me like the triangel ufo.. allahu alem.. but now i am shoure that its somthing big coming up to us.. Look up in the scy folks :) have your eye opend!

First i think it was a plane but the air plans can not be stil in the air.. i know it was a "ufo"..

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