tisdag 20 december 2011



I must write to you my readers. My point in this what  I wright on my blog is to wake up you who do not know what is going on. We know that in Islam there is no Ailiens but this is only the jinn who wants to cheat humanity.

We know that there are good jinns (Muslims) and evil jinns. These jinns cooperate with illuminati. So what is being done is a great brainwashing and lies from these powers NWO / Illuminati to mislead humanity even more to deny God! Astagvurlillah!

We must stick firmly to Islam and keep us close to Allah swt! The winds blow hard, and we coming closer   2012 with big steps!

 Strengthen your imaan and seeak knowledge to Allah!
Without Him swt we are lost.


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Tahirah sa...

Mashallah brother, well said! May Allah lead us to or keep us on the righteous path, insha'Allah!

Meddie sa...

Barak Allah feik sis. But i am a sister in islam :p

Meddie sa...