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MJ12 Documents



MJ12 Documents

One of the most controversial documents to be uncovered in the anals of UFO research is called the MJ Documents. These documents were left under Jaime Shandera home door (as I recall reading) by an unknown source in 1984. At this Mr. Shandera was a producer in the Los Angeles area and was working with Bill Moore, to undercover the secret about the UFOs. At this time, Bill Moore was working with scientist Stanton Friedman and so the three of these men upon receiving these documents did extensive research.

These documents have been re- published in a Richard Hall's book, "Uninvited Quests" as well as "Crash at Corona" by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner in 1992. Mr. Friedman believes based on other documents they found in the National Archieve that the documents are geninue and other researchers have found some inconsistancies with page number and type face of the 1950's.

My personal feeling is that the information shared is essentially correct and could have been copied and duplicated to try to show what the real documents looked like. In any case, quite a bit of information related to Roswell here seems to correspond with information found by various researchers and we share this here for your own evaluation. It seems that the events at Roswell in July of 1947 triggered off a sequence of events which began the coverup and how the U. S. government (and eventually other govenerments) decided to deal with UFOs.
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