lördag 16 juli 2011

Some people have asked; what is the Illuminati?


Some people have asked; what is the Illuminati?

Illuminati or Masons as they are known as, a world elite with a
world agenda.

They worship Satan and have been since many years ago.
Most of the celebrities are with the Illuminati or forced to be with them so that the Illuminati could be a benefit them in their own purposes.

Children's Programs, music, media and more gauze served by their message.
Among their goals are:

# Elimination of all existing governments

# Elimination of all private property

# Elimination of the inheritance

# Abolition of patriotism

# Elimination of all religion

# Elimination of the family

# The creation of a world government with a world dictator who all have to follow.

If you choose to do what MJ did, to leave Illuminati, they threaten to destroy one's reputation or finally kill one. Tupac was also one of those, he made a song called Killuminati.

They use a lot of symbolism, including an EYE (the Prophet warned us for the one-eyed Dajjal), and the famous pyramid as you can see on all that they own (CSN -finacial help for students, Tax, etc., etc.).

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