söndag 24 juli 2011

Dulce underground alien facility

Do you remeber  the video i put up in the beginning when I started blogging about all this in my post about the undergrounds..

There Phil Schneider talks in 1995 about the undergrounds they diging for 2012 .. Now I have found videos where get out  from these undergrounds ..

I have heard that those clones mate humans with aliens and animals ect..

Inshallah I will start to grab this bit now .. because I  have not dried before  .. For believe me that it takes on my power to discover that the world is not,
as it looks, that it is hidden dark forces around it..

Inshallah I link  here again the undergrounds, if you have missed it, so you all can read it..

Happy reading.
 Inshallah you can sleep after this :)

the undergrounds:

Dulce underground alien facility:

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