onsdag 15 februari 2012

Got right on vaccination

content in english: In autumn 2009 ended Bjorn Olsson and his colleague meta Wiborgh, both active in Lulea, under fire. The reason was an opinion piece that the two wrote in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, together with a freelance journalist and a psychiatrist.

The article questioned the decision to implement mass vaccination in Sweden. They referred to several facts that they meant sp...
eaking against universal vaccination. They said that several indications showed that swine flu was milder than normal flu and that it also caused fewer deaths.

When accused senior officials of the county council in Norrbotten Olsson and Wiborgh for being disloyal.

Now showing Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that the decision to mass vaccinate the Swedish population were made by political and economic reasons. The newspaper found evidence for it when you went through a series of correspondence between a senior official at the National Board and SMI-General.

"The Ministry of Health is quite clear that politically there is here no turning back."

It was about a secret agreement that Sweden has signed with pharmaceutical company Glaxo and you could not get away.

Had to use
The agreement forced Sweden to purchase drugs for about 1.3 billion when the WHO declared that swine flu was a pandemic of class 6, the most severe form of the worldwide epidemic. According to the newspaper's investigation could be for political reasons not to let the expensive medicine lie unused. Hence came the decision on mass vaccination, which only three other countries carried out.

Bjorn Olsson says he feels happy about the revelation that Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet brought.

- I thought it was odd that we would carry out mass vaccination when all the facts spoke about the flu was milder than other flus. But did they not responsible for. You should have studied the effects of influenza in New Zealand and Australia more closely because these countries were hit first.

In this context, he talks about that a normal flu usually cause about 2,000 Swedes died. This compares favorably with the 70 Swedes who died from complications of swine flu.

Test of 300 children
Bjorn Olsson is also critical to the Glaxo only tested the drug on 300 children. According to him it was too few for it to get a picture of the possible side effects.

- Now, many children suffered from narcolepsy, as I see it, this is more serious than the thalidomide scandal since the mass vaccination could have been avoided if the responsible officials have been more accurate. Ultimately falls a heavy responsibility on the minister, Maria Larsson, says Björn Olsson.

He calls for an independent inquiry to examine what happened when the decision on mass vaccination was taken. All in order to avoid similar mistakes in future.


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