onsdag 11 januari 2012

UFO Fleet over Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 30th August 2011 (Aïd/end of Ramadan)

its  NOT my words/meddie

Witness report: Just before the Fajr prayer I watched this UFO fleet moving around the lights of the huge clock, i grabbed my nikon d5100 with a sigma 70-300 lens and shot some of it.

This sighting was produced on a very symbolic date: 30th August 2011, which is the End of the 2011 Ramadan, Aïd.

Those who are behind these UFOs sightings are the Jinns,shetans, devils, demons, Iblis' seedline, these sightings participate to the ultimate chapter of Iblis' deception.

The muslims are also concerned by this worldwide UFO compaign, the goal of the jinns/shetans is to make us believe in the extraterrestrials as a benevolent distant and advanced alien civilization, the truth is that they are no more than jinns under human shape, they will come with a new doctrine, a kind of all in one religion (New Age), a series of secret technologies (in order to better impress us and to destabilize us), their goal is to deny Allah and the Truth of Allah, the Quran. They will change the interpretation of all the fundamental pillars of Islam: Unicity of Allah, definition of Allah, Hour, Judgement Day, Hell and Paradise, Story of the Prophets, notion of good and evil....

This UFO sighting has not been produced by coincidence precisely during the Aïd (end of Ramadan), it's to make the muslims think that something is really happening in relation with the UFOs, ....

Arab Spring, Revolutions, World Economic Crisis, Worlwide riots, upheavals, protests, revolutions, UFO worldwide sightings, World Political crisis, World social crisis....are all part of the same global satanic plan of deception. The shetans want to revolutionize your mind in order to destabilize you and create a whole alternative truth, in order to make you deny Allah and the Quran. The Absolute and Perfect Truth is what Allah tells us in the Quran, if someone gives you another version, you can be sure it's a lie from shetans, jinns, devils... BEWARE of these extremely deceptive end times!

More and more undeniable sightings of UFOs produced over major cities. There is clearly a progressive disclosure which is going on, this phenomenon is recent and new.

The so called extraterrestrials deliberatly show themselves in order to make the people and the mainstream media speak about them, even Hollywood has released 11 movies on the extraterrestrials just during this year 2011.

The number 11 is not random, it's the great satanic number, it's the signtaure of Satan. 1 stands for Allah, 11 stands for Satan's rebellion against Allah, 11:11 stands for the general rebellion against Allah, the devils and their slaves, the illuminatim, deceptively called 11:11 the Awakening signal, which is no more than general possession by the Jinns: you feel that something is changing in you from a day to another, that's the possession of the Jinns, it means you're entering in their ultimate illusion.

The extraterrestrials are not really a benevolent advanced civilization, but are devils/jinns/shaytans under human shape. They don't mandatory want to attack us, their ploy is far more tricky, all they want is our soul. They want us to rebel against Allah, to deny His legitimate authority, to reject His universal Divine Rules (contained in the Quran), ...., and to buy their New Age Satanic lie: we are gods, we can do whatever we want, there is no good and evil, there is no Judgement Day, there is no hell and paradise...

Satanism does not mandatory mean to be wicked, violent, black....it just means rebellion against Allah, our Sole True Creator and God. New Age is Satanism.

The Extraterrestrials may split into 2 groups: some will be labeled as good (the pleadians, the Galactic Confederation of Light, Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters....) and some will be labeled as evil (the reptilians, the annunakis, ....), BUT ACTUALLY they all serve the same global satanic plan and are all works hand in hand...THEY ARE JINNS.

Beware of these deceptive end times, for those who fear Allah, it's now time to turn back to Him, to ask for forgiveness and to redeem yourself on the basis of the Quran, you'll receive an infinite reward, for the rest, you'll all be destroyed and this will open for you a permanent punishment: the eternal flames of hell.

Now YOU make you decide for your own future.

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