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Jinn speaking about Illuminati, Dajjal

Jinn speaking about Illuminati, Dajjal

‎"1) What is carbon capture?

Capture jinns is to bring them strength in the body of a person called the sensor, known as the jinn and instantly he is our prisoner, we can do what we want from him. How is this possible? we got into the prac...tice of Roukia the fact that all those possessed by the jinn until the jinn speak through them, once the genie is gone and he is cured by the grace of Allah, there is between him and the world of jinn an opening that allows jinns to influence but also may act on their world through this opening. And how can he act on them and get them? With the intention, the customs and reciting: "From aynama" 2 / 148. But how is it that they are our prisoners and we can do what we want from them? It is we who have brought the power of Allah and His words, so it can from that if we allow it, so it is our prisoner. The cause in our world puts him in a position of extreme vulnerability and exposed to any attack. You just have to type his neck - the neck of the sensor - from your hand to cut his head, and if you hit his hand, you cut off his hand, etc..

The sensor does not have a jinn who leads the jinn and we do not have a jinn that we work with, but the sensor has an openness to the world of the jinn resulting from its past violations by the jinn and witchcraft, and openness allows us to get through it jinn to discuss with him and master ... (Following on its website).

Source (the official website of the brother) http://benhalimaabderraouf.free.fr/index.php

Note that this video was downloaded by me on the internet and put on YouTube. Its title was "presenting the collection" I have renamed by another which corresponded best according to me. I do because this video was unnoticed and I wanted a maximum of people see as its contents, and you judge for yourself, is more interesting.

PS: the raqui did not know that the genie was going to talk about the Dajjal Illuminati and the Arab kings and presidents.
He talks about how the child because the jinn jinn are of a nature child. He pretends to speak in this way to get into their game, build confidence and get as much information as possible.
Several jinn speak through the sensor (the sister in niqab in the video).

Brothers and sisters the Prophet (saws) warned us of the future coming of the Dajjal and the terrible ordeal that awaits particularly Muslims. Hold on to the religion of Allah, made his prayer time, do good as you can, read the Surah Al-Kahf (the cave) each Friday for this Surah read that day protects against the temptation of antichrist, repent to Allah, give the best image of Islam and Muslims before Allah as non-Muslims will have points to make when their non-conversion to Islam because of some who many twists to this religion. Even those will be punished by Allah for making non-Muslims flee the religion and thus preventing its escape from the fires of hell!

Video translated by ThePeaceBeUponHim"

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